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Background Knowledge
I liked Neo Delhi's weather better.

Sup shazbots?

>tfw your character knows nothing about the place they're from

Some people will be content making drok up, but as the admins sometimes point out, they are either wrong or lying.

How do we find out these things? Why can't we be trusted with public data from other places?

Perhaps it's a case of the timeline being out of date? Should we play twenty questions with the Loremaster?

No H2OSO4 intended, just looking for this to be cleared up.

The timeline is your friend here but that just serves as a guiding light.

For the rest, I generally try to fill up my history with the most notable facts. If it's approved - it means a GM read it and said hey this seems legit and feasible. From then on out, it's up to you and the community to use the fabricated mythology of a past as a baseline. If you have people calling out your background as bullshit during RP either you're going too far off the reservation or they're just an asshole.

We mostly have an issue with people naming things like the "Number one gang from Neo York" in their history as a matter of fact rather than opinion.

To contradict Immigrant #2's Number One Gang from Neo York.

Or players trying to define what Las Vegas looks like by saying it has a population much larger than Withmore has (which makes no sense)

The player doesn't need to be world building in their @history, because they're likely the only person who is going to see it from that perspective and they'll meet someone else ICly who has a different idea about the place they're talking about, because players often form RP in huge broad strokes rather than small, individual details about places that only -some- people might know that make that neighborhood unique or something.

I'm from Neo York and Neo York is such and such, rather than I am from this small neighborhood in the sprawl outside of Neo York and it's like this, and you probably didn't know that because you've been been to this particularly small part of the mega sprawl.

So we just need more players thinking on a smaller scale when it comes to world building details in their backgrounds and then it becomes more unique to their character and less interfering with the lore of the game world and other peoples established RP and beliefs about particularly large and significant locations in the world.

Thank you Cerberus for this feedback, I think it definitely helps paint a clearer picture of how the community can come together to fill the canvas where the broader strokes by GMs and older players and the like have missed.

It would be cool, and while highly unlikely and time consuming, if someone would go through the various still cataloged/archived histories of characters, and if anything more "major" had been approved by a GM, add it to the landscape.

And then if someone had the time and was really meticulous, they could root out the most commonly shared starting cities and start building their timelines on their own wiki pages. Then someone either coming brand new to the game or an older player rolling a new character could go "I wanna come from London" or "Neo York" and be able to have a brief glance at the broad strokes of the area, as well as being able to see a bit more detail, so they can take those details and put their own character's perspective on them.

In my opinion, I think there should be some kind of wiki where people can submit descriptions of places, history, etc. Loremaster & friends can read through it and decide whether to keep the info or disregard it. Then the new players would be able to look up their origins. If it exists, they can use the info as a base board for their back stories. If it doesn't, they have a carte Blanche to expand the world.
There is a wiki already.
True, we already have one, but I didn't find it very helpful when I was making a character. I think what Tricky meant was for places outside on Withmore. New Work, Europe, Paris, what are they like? What corps run the show there? Having inconsistencies within lore for international characters is something I've run into a couple of times, and it is usually pretty annoying. IK that most of the Rp is set exclusively under the dome, but we should know more about the world outside the dome in more depth if we start the game as a immigre. Just a thought.
Yeah I could not find any information at all about even the names of external places. Some info on the wiki for those just starting to play would be great.
What I wouldn't mind seeing is a map of 2101 Europe and Asia since we already have a map of North America (which is an amazing tool to use for a new character).
I want to attempt to redraw the map.

Also this reminds me..

Pokes Johnny.. Can I post those logos/ads somewhere? I want to share them with the community super badly but IDK if that's cool or not :/

I can't speak to the second question Wildgiller, but reaching out to Johnny RE: map of Europe or our help email address is a great place to start. I'd love to see a Europe map!
Sorry about replying to a super dead topic, but this came up the other day.

Where is the appropriate place to ask about/suggest a particular government's stance about a historic event? It's something that became relevant in a conversation, and I felt my character should know the answer, but I couldn't find any record of it in the wiki or timeline. It would've made for a good character development conversation either way. Instead of making something up or making a suggestion, I just sidestepped the conversation.

I don't want to accidentally alter history. Nothing good can come of that. :)


In general you just write up your take on it based on the content of the timeline and the theme of the game and the GMs will bring it up if it's problematic.

However, as others have said, it's often time easier to drill down and worry about things more at a granular level. Who cares what the North Pacific Economic Commonwealth's stance is on a historic event? The truth is that it is likely divide. Some hold one opinion while others hold another. Rarely is a government, nation, corporation or any other large entity truly unified in their thoughts, goals, opinions and beliefs.

Instead, drill down to a specific element. Maybe a black ops squad belonging to a midsized security corp contracted by a small governmental committee. You can probably say whatever you want about how that black ops team and that committee feel about most anything. As long as it is theme and doesn't contradict any existing lore, you'll probably be fine.

Ant that right there is why I don't want there to be official truths on more than a macro level. Because I like being able to take a tiny piece of the world and defining it so freely. I don't want to be limited by the 16 premade corps operating in New Houston. I want to pick a spot on the map, zoom in and create.

Thanks, that helps a lot.
Did wildgiller ever get the OK to make up some good corporate logos?