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Being a Responsible Tailor?

Hi there. I’m fairly new to Sindome, but have been playing text games for years. There is a really wonderful amount of customization readily available in Sindome and I’ve always enjoyed designing clothes and items in games. So, I want to be sure that I’m being responsible about what I create and not meta-gaming or power-gaming or anything else unacceptable. I’ve read all the help files and searched the boards, but I’d still like more clarification on a couple situations, please.

I totally respect that what a base material is needs to be the majority of the clothing item. I know it says rhinestones, etc. are fine as adornments, but what about more complex additions? Can I have a satin collar on my primarily cotton dress? Can I add fiber optics or holoscreens that are reactive with tease/remove/etc? I think this adds to the theme of the game and my character may (or someday would) have the skill to use elements like that. Is that something more reserved for prog-cloth? Also, what about not naming a specific material in the description. IRL, I have no fricking clue what people’s clothes are made of at least 50% of the time. So, as long as the description is not misleading for the fabric… cotton described as stretchy material, is that okay?

Secondly, what about roleplaying clothing like a surgical mask? I can’t use “mask”, but could I say a surgical face respirator for instance (i.e. a primarily cotton mask with a small plastic/mesh respirator)? Does that denote too much of a protective element? Does it still sound like a disguise? Any suggestions for something like this? I totally understand things can’t be misleading as a disguise or otherwise, but people may request these things as a purely RP part of their outfit. Outfits are to add immersion for everyone, after all. I’m cool with saying no, I just want to understand the rules better so I know when to say no.

Further, from a purely OOC what is possible code-wise or game-structure-wise stance, do GMs sometimes make items like this if tailors can’t, if earned at work or opportunity (like a special event with a special merchant) arises. I understand if people can’t say. I like how guarded info is.

In general, I just don’t want to be crossing lines that I don’t know are there, so thank you for any info you guys can provide!

Material should reflect the base/majority material in terms of both function and value. For instance, latex isn't in the game, but it's OK to make a latex item out of vinyl because that's sort of the same idea. Same goes for faux fur/synthleather, or rayon/silk. You have license to add things like fiber optic embroidery or rat bones if your skill and RP reflect access to these materials and the ability required to incorporate them.

A big thing is not to put gold or platinum or whatever on your items. A silk dress is worth what a silk dress is worth. It can't have emeralds sewn into the fabric because you didn't spend tens of thousands of chyen to get them and if I kill you and take it, I can't sell those emeralds for money.

Tailored clothing shouldn't be described as having animated designs on it. Your dress can have fiber optics that glow a little, but it won't illuminate a dark room and shouldn't be described as animating or pulsing or whatever. It also doesn't protect you from the elements and it doesn't afford any combat protection, so avoid calling things flak jackets or downy winter coats or functional respirators, 'cause they ain't.

I can answer a few of these questions after having experience either getting told that something I had made was not ok, or hearing it stated during game play otherwise.

You can add small bits of other materials to your primarily cotton outfits, however I have found through research that there are many cotton options that look similar. Sateen looks like satin, for example, and is entirely cotton.

You may not add holoscreens or holograms that move with a tease. Movement within fabric is restricted to prog cloth.

While not being descriptive with the exact material isn't illegal, there is an option to add the material type to your @worn for a reason. Not talking about the material type at least vaguely can cause confusion when a player obtains the item for themself. Its easy enough to say "stretchy jersey cotton" instead of "some sort of stretchy material". Cotton is super versatile and a quick google search about it will yeild many fun options.

You aren't allowed to make clothes that cover someone's entire face, so avoid it. And if you make something that partially covers the head section, be sure to make it @see-thru so their features aren't truly obsured. I learned this one around Halloween time when everyone starts making crazy requests!