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Car 54 Where Are you?
Questions about who is the law, at large

So, what's the state of law enforcement outside of Withmore City? I'm looking to start cooking up my character's history, but I realize I'm not entirely certain that the Hall of Justice is the model used in mega-city sprawls (though I expect it is) or other places. I'm dead certain I haven't missed that info on the wiki or within the timeline but I could very well be wrong.

Honestly my guess would be that it's primarily private security, as an arm of a corp, or a corp that exists exclusively for security or something along those lines, like a PMC. Is that the case? Is there no municipal police force? Surely smaller areas still rely on that sort of policing if there's any, but if I wanted to have a character that was a former police officer in Neo York or Boston, it would almost HAVE to be as corp-cop, so to speak?

We actually had or have it in our time line that other cities adopted the Judge model after Withmore's success. I BELIEVE I already edited that out as Johnny and I came to the conclusion that too many people tried to say WERE Judges prior to coming to Withmore, and this is a no-go as we require a lot of game experience and trust to be a Judge.

So if you find anything in the timeline that suggests a Judge model is in use in other cities, please let me know and I will put on my Assistant Loremaster hat and get rid of it.

To answer your question more directly, no one outside of Withmore uses the Judge model, they use your typical police/law enforcement model with detectives and beat cops and martial-law style military enforcement in some places.

That is exactly what I wanted to hear, perfect! Thanks for the answer!