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What is it?

What should Chyen look terms of currency. Paper and coins?
What famous faces or places or events should be depicted?
What colors? Are holograms appropriate?
What increments of currency? 1/2/5/10/20/50/100?

If you've ever RPed the passing of money between someone and a bartender, you've probably wondered this. Maybe we can have some fun with it, and then post images or descriptions to TheMind.

My thoughts would be the Withmore Hope dome, perhaps the Withmore University, Hall of Justice. Would be fun to put some really old faces on there, maybe Chad or the Senior Council members (or are they still anonymous?) or Judge Murphy.

Would the heads of corporations, or founders from cities and times long gone, be on the list of possibilities? How closely should our "chyen" relate to the existing Japanese Yen or Chinese RMB (called Qian)?

Perhaps one or more of the world-changing events from the timeline?

ICly this probably will make not one lick of difference...except maybe as a passing reference in conversation, song, or riddles of some sort.

And no, Seven Ecks cannot be on the 1,000,000 chyen bill. I don't think.
Maybe I will be proved wrong.

(Edited by Lena at 11:04 am on Jan. 1, 2011)

I think Judge Murphy's face should definitely be on currency. Mhm.

Well sheeit I was just trying to think of a past-tense PC that has remained in somewhat decent standing with the withmore government. Martyrdom is just a plus.

Well, given that it's the Chad Hill Yen (hence CHyen) I've always figured it has Chad's face on it anyway.

I think it should be multicolored.  I don't think anyone still alive should be on it though.

The way I see it, chyen is a catch all term for any and every bit of fiat managed by the corporations under the dome.  There's no real need for paper money in modern society, but it's a throwback that people trust in because it's tangible and less traceable than a cred chip to cred chip bank transaction.  I see chyen really as a combination of different monetary units, similar to the old shanghai banking days when different banks would have different currencies and people would want more of one currency than another because of constant devaluation and revaluation in the various currencies, only this time around it's different corporations having sheaves of printed corporate scrip at the behest of people who want cash rather than a direct deposit to their bank, so that 1 chyen isn't so much a 1 chyen bill as it as a 1 chyen check that is accepted anywhere in the dome with some encryption on it that, once scanned in makes the scrip a voided piece of trash as soon as it's scanned in and tallied up on a particular bank account.  Different corporations would have different scrips, but they'd all be pegged to a value of some kind that has been agreed upon by the corporate council or some financial institution equivalent to the Dome's federal reserve.  I dunno. Bunch of random thoughts based on musings and an episode of Standalone Complex.