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Corporate crime
Because "cooking books" are for a different breed of crime.

There has been a lot of good discussion about the general corpie ethos. It pretty well sums up how any self-respecting corpie will throw his best friend under the bus if it means it will get him ahead. I'd like to continue this discussion in a new thread to really explore the depth of actions corpies should be taking to get ahead in the world and the potential consequences if they're caught.

* What are examples of real-world white collar crimes that probably aren't illegal in Withmore?

* What real-world freedoms would our corporate overlords outlaw?

* Are there things only some corporations would disallow in their by-laws?

* What would the punishment look like?

For example, in 2012 drugs are legal. But if you are gainfully employed by a drug company, how would they feel about you manufacturing and selling drugs that compete with their products? I imagine you'd be breaking some sort of draconian non-compete that would obligate you to stop production and fork over any profits you've ever made. But the real kicker is that HR informs you the non-compete is still in effect even though they just fired you.

On the other hand, every good corpie executive loves receiving bribes. So why should bribes be illegal? I'll tell you why; because I didn't get a piece of the action. In Withmore, I would expect "facilitating payments" to be commonplace. But when that "facilitating payment" lowers the price of services or results in a more expensive vendor being selected, shareholders now have a reason to be pissed. At some point those angry shareholders managed to outlaw the bribes they never see but keep their beloved "facilitating payments" legal.

What are some other crimes a good corpie will commit to get ahead?

The first one that comes to mind is hiring dirty Mixers to do work under the cover of shadow. This is a huge violation of corpie culture, and a great way to drive fun RP.
The most common white-collar crime I've seen in Withmore is embezzlement and fraud. Do you want your corporation to pay for your work-related gear? File a reimbursement. It costs 20,000? Just state it costs 40,000. Nobody will notice (or they will and you will meet IC consequences). Or just pocket the money and steal the gear from someone else, or hire a Mixer a measly amount of money to steal it for you. Stealing money from your corporations is themely!
If it's not already in play I think seeing non-compete agreements being commonly enforced, even retroactively, could be cool. I mean, it's already a big deal in today's business world. Awesome idea Villa!

Maybe it's as simple you not being allowed to do any kind of work similar to what you did for them for like twenty years. Trade secrets and all. Maybe you can buy off your non-compete for a huge sum. Like ten kay per year remaining. Maybe if your former employer discovers you doing similar work for another company, they are legally allowed forcefully collect on you. Repo teams are sent in to take your furniture, car, gear and whatever else you have of value until your debt is paid.

Maybe this means you pay up. Maybe you can get your new corp to buy out the non-compete. Maybe a new identity is cheaper (though riskier) for you or the new company. Maybe your new company pays a team to infiltrate the old and erase all records of your non-compete. Maybe you're officially hired on as one job while actually doing the other in secret.

Maybe it means that you're out of luck and no one will hire you until this has been cleared somehow. Maybe you end up back in the mix because no one else would hire you.