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Corporate fashions
What do they look like 85 years from now?

There have been several times that I've tried to figure out what fashion would look like Topside. I know what people wear and a lot of time it's not far off what people today would wear.

Just looking for ideas and inspiration on how to punk fashion topside.

Topside needs more variety. Or needs to encourage it more. Lot of wageslaves afraid of stepping out of their suit standard.


Well, easy method is 2077's corporate fashion - modern silhouettes but made in more interesting ways.

High Fashion suits from now are fun to use as at least basis for Corporate wear.

In general, for topside tailors looking to make more corporate and future forward fashion - take something from now, and adjust something. That can be the collar, could make it assymetrical. Make the coat longer or shorter. Make the pants skinnier or more flowy. Really the only ways professional and 'corporate' fashion has changed over the past 100 years is in subtle things.

Also use unexpected materials - why have a wool suit coat when you can have one made out of a reflective fabric, or a holoscreen.

For corpsec - take the silhouette of a suit or dress and add elements of a military uniform or utilitarian garment. Everyone loves a dress with pockets.

Just some random thoughts from a costume designer. One of these days, I have a bunch of doodles for corporate and mix fashion that I'll upload but I gotta redact some faces and such on them for IC reasons.

Oooooh, great site.

But, part of what I'm curious about is there is a conformity that's kind of required by theme. Certainly I can look at descriptors to see how nice something is...

If a player shows up with a Posh and Bespoke fishnet dress... should I appalled or should I think, "I have to get me one of those?"

I think that long as its professional (ie not ripped up or tattered or whatever), and you play it as such, that things such as fishnets and the like could be used in a professional setting especially at some corps. How else will you show off your ace bodymods or new chrome.

For example -

Those are some great ideas too Dawn.

Who ever thought that I'd be thinking of Haute Couture when playing a game? Maybe I need to get out the fashion magazines again.

I tend to fall back on ultra modernism for corporate inspiration. Clean and simplistic. I think about what materials can be used and push boundaries, what the purpose is. Topside it's a symbol of expression, what clique you belong to, what you stand for, it's all visual with little utilitarian need in many cases.
I appreciate the link! Also some really nice ideas here. Inspiration.
I don't play a corporate character but if I did, I would take inspiration from the sort of clothing that Capitol citizens wore in the Hunger Games. Loud, over-the-top, eccentric outfits that the upper classes flaunt just because they can.
Corporate society tends to be liberal about exuding your character's personality on their hip. The clothing is very much the pastiche.

As long as you aren't showing up to your job interview in thrift shop clothing or wearing a strap-on, you'll blend in just fine.