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Corporate Rankings
Who's the king?

I understand there are quite a few corps, NLM, SK, NEOTRANS etc etc.

I just wondered what everything thought based on the current game of who was the KING when it comes to influence and power.

All the novels I've ever read had various companies competing against each other, and that may very well go on here, but I just haven't seen it being a relative nobody.

But who's trying to knock who off the top of the hill? How does the average player change that? Do the actions of corpies actually affect their organization, or are they so low on the totem pole that they can't cause a megacorp any real sustainable damage.

Reason I brought this up is actually not having to do with corporations at all really, just got me thinking in that vein.

Without going too far IC, but an establishment made a comment a few nights ago about needing customers or they would close the door. Does this type of shit ever happen? Will businesses fail or is the VNPC population always going to support them enough to keep the lights on so to speak.

I have no power icly or otherwise to influence this stuff, but was curious if PC's, being the stand out type players we are in the world, the unique individuals in a mass of flesh, have the ability to affect world changing things in this manner. So one bartender slanders another bar, makes up shit about the bar and eventually lowers it's popularity, can it ever hit that level where they call it quits and the others win?

These are just things I think of while I idle in the game when it's not busy. Thoughts?

Who's the king? In my opinion there isn't such a thing. Think of a representative government or a parliamentary republic. They all hold seats and have a rule at the governing body and as such they all get a vote in the says of the city. But similar to other institutions like for example, the United Nations' security council, they also need to make sure their rulings don't challenge other corporations' interests, since they are all so powerful, militarized, and wealthy that any new "law" that opposes their interests would be immediately vetoed. Corporate policies are so intricate that you could write books about it. But at the same time they're relentless and underhanded. So if you, not being a high level corporate citizen, aren't aware of all the backstabbing that goes behind the scenes under the excuse of more money for themselves, then the staff is doing a very good job because it's meant to be like that.

Money speaks its own language and it is impossible for most characters to throw off a corporation because they are 1. a part of the theme, and 2. it makes no sense ICly to be able to, since they have more money and manpower at their disposal than you could imagine. For player-made business it is an entirely different rule. Players can and do saboutage rival players' businesses for their own profit. It happens and it's a great excuse for a good plot.