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Crafting Remove Messages for Clothing
In light of recent changes to 'remove'

I'm not sure if this is really the best place for this but I was recently thinking about the remove_msg & oremove_msg on tailord clothing in light of recent code changes.

It used to be that you would type "remove jeans' or whatever and the remove messages would be printed and they would disappear directly into your inventory. This meant that remove messages of a great variety could be justified or hand waved.

Now you always end up with removed clothing in your hands and you always use two hands to remove the clothing. With this in mind it seems like we might need to be more careful with what we put into those remove messages.

I'm not complaining about anything specific but just bringing this up as something tailors might want to consider when crafting these messages. Then again, it could just be obsessing with irrelevant details again. :-P

That's a great point, and not something that had necessarily occurred to me.

Thanks for bringing it up.

Is there a 'help tailoring' update in here somewhere? If someone wants to write one up...