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Deathball League
Not just for manos or even binaries anymore

Since we now have coded means for IC androgynous or non-binary presentation,

I want to expand on this by not only letting a particular member of the apparently all-male Deathball league ICly lose their unequivocal male presentation, but even retcon other players so that they're ICly known to be female.

(Which player? Chen Mayonnaise, whose first name was a hit-favorite in the androgynous @shortdesc brainstorm that erupted in OOC-Chat yesterday.)

As far as I'm aware, there's nothing canon to contradict Sam Digits, Jimi Shu'Tout and Banger McGirk being not-male, and no reason at all to believe that Deathball should be any more gender-segregated than, say, sanitation technicians, corpsec agents, Street judges, gang leaders, hit solos, etc etc etc

As funny as the idea of the Women's Deathball League actually existing and no one watching it....

I like this one better. Except some Deathball players already exist as NPCs ;D

Maybe a mixed bag? Highly doubt in 2105 they care if it's a guy blowing up a girl with an explosives ball on TV.

Bring on the chromed-out super amazons! Everyone is equal in (explosive) death.
I wouldn't mess with league players who already inhabit the game world more presently, but if the death ball thing ever becomes playable somehow, it would makes sense that players would be from all genders.
Well the extent to which they "inhabit the game world" is minimal. What I and the originator of the androga-Chen transition idea are suggesting would actually bring them more into it.

These are four Deathball players whose gender has never ever been explicitly stated and who (as far as I know, I don't know everything) are not even actual NPCs. Or even if Chen is one, then like I said, an IC story/event about their transition (Half transition?) could take place. Not my idea but one I like.

So if Sam, Jimi and Banger just happen to turn out to be female, so what - they've always just been names on TV (no pictures even, no ones you can actually look at anyway) or the grid or wherever. There wouldn't have to be any "messing-with" to just reveal more about the persons behind those names.

Chen's another story, but who even cares if a professional sports figure has a life-change which doesn't disqualify them from the league.

Maybe collectible "fan posters" or a live interview on Channel 666 in the downtime between scheduled broadcasts can be a way to reveal more abut these players' identities and lives- as well as the beginning of a more "alive" feeling around Deathball.

We will not be changing the gender representation of any previously shown characters within the game, regardless of whether their gender was obvious to you or not.

Perhaps it's time for further teams, something I'll potentially look at when I have some time in the future.