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Disguises and Death and Meta
Why would they know what you try to keep them from knowing?

I've seen a trend that I want to point out as it makes little sense to me. I kind of consider it a form of reverse meta. One part boils down to people assuming that others see through their disguise or will know who is under that shroud or hood when there is no sensible reason for this to be the case. The other part is largely the same but revolves around assuming others will see past the veil of death in some astounding ways.

I have seen situations where Bob the Ganger sees a shroud 'doing biz' on their turf and the ganger steps up, beats the crap out of them and is like, "What the hell are you doing working my turf?" Then Shroud is all, "Why did you do that?!?! I paid you to work your turf!!!" How should the Ganger have known it was you?

I have seen situations where some character, all disguised, up warningly tells another character, "Don't ever cross me/us again." Then they leave without the threatened ever knowing who it is they should never cross again.

I have seen situations where a character interferes with the actions of a a shrouded person or persons then those shrouds get pissed because that character dared to get in 'their' biz when the offender had no idea who 'they' were.

I have seen characters in a disguise demanding of others, "Do you know who I am?" No joke. They go out of their way to hide their identity then demand to be recognized.

I have seen characters in disguises trying to build a reputation while doing a super good job of hiding their identity - seeming to assume that everyone will just see through their disguise.

The death veil side is a little less nuanced but still something I have been seeing a lot of. Situations where messages are delivered to a character who is then cloned out with no effort made to ensure the message survives on to the new clone. Maybe you assume that the death alone will be enough to send the message but it frequently isn't.

It gets even worse when these things get combined. A character attacks you while you are disguised but you escape. Later you and your chums, all disguised, attack that meddlesome character. During the fight you tell them they shouldn't have messed with you. Then you neck-snap them. You then assume that this meddlesome character's death alone is enough to send the message loud and clear: Don't mess with me.

But often enough that meddlesome character probably has no clue. They don't know who they attacked the first time. They don't know who attacked and killed them. They don't recall what was said to them just before they cloned out. Even if this character could think of nobody else who might have killed them aside from the disguised person they attacked (assuming they even remember that attack after cloning out) they still have no idea who it was and who not to mess with.

I am not saying that there aren't exceptions where some of this does make sense or that this is all terrible and should never happen. I just want to point it out so that others can consider it when dealing with other characters.

I haven't seen much of this myself, I imagine I'm just not around those kind of characters a lot, but this definitely gives me something to consider in my roleplay. I think everyone should read this, there's not much to argue about. This probably happens sometimes in the wrong way, and sometimes it happens for a reason. Good thing to consider though. Thanks for sharing!