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Genetek TV Commerical
Best one wins.

we need a genetek ad that is like this epic orchestra music, like dun dun --- dun dun -- dunnnnnnnnnn, and then the screen is black and it says (the text apperas but theres a movie trailer voice guy)Jesus Died For Your white letters then that fades to black and it says And 3 days later he rose.. and that fades.. 3 DAYS!? Jesus must not have been cloning with Genetek. Fresh clones activated in 30 minutes or it's free.

Or something like that. Submit your suggestions, best one (or two, hey, we can have two winners) gets put in the game.

I see your add and i raise you.

Soft country music plays and the screen pans over a deserted town, abandoned houses and stores. The buzz of a fly is accompanies the music. A ball of straw is moved by the wind and blocks the view. The camera zooms in an almost abandoned office. The tag on the desk says 'Mayor' and an old man with a white beard and white robes is sitting in a chair looking desperate and tired. The camera zoms out and the abandoned town is on the clouds. A sign reads 'Heaven. Population: Less than it should be. Fuck you Genetek' The image fades to black and says 'Genetek: For those who'd like to stay a bit longer'

A black screen slowly fades gray, and then white, while a calm voice begins to speak: "Throughout the ages people have held the belief that there is a tranquil side to death, a new beginning..." the light fades into a fiery red and the sound of crackling and popping, screams and admonitions, and a grinding of teeth feeds through the speakers. "On the other hand, they say death can be a pain in the ass." Soft jazz begins to play and the screen turns to the Withmore cityscape, the rich enjoying their riches, the happy enjoying their happiness. "Don't fix something that isn't broken; you should be the one that decides where you go after you die." The Genetek logo flips onto the screen and the voice says assertively: "GeneTek: Don't gamble with your afterlife; live it."
Anyone else want to write one?
Sure I'll give it a shot.

The camera pans over a stormswept coast, high cliffs backed by clouds. Small boats stream towards the beach, filled with brown clad soldiers. The cliffs open up with machine guns. A voice over begins as the video continues, the soldiers in the boats being cut down as they attempt to land. "A hundred and fifty years ago, war left thousands of widows and orphans." speaks an older sounding voice with the tones of a grandfather. The camera pulls back to show the entire world, traveling through clouds and into the upper atmosphere. The sun begins to rise over the horizon as the voice speaks again "But a new age is here. Now, with a Genetek clone, this" the video cuts to an image of a grieving family around a picture "has become this" an image of a happy family, hugging, the father in his combat uniform "Invest in a Genetek Clone today. Invest in your future, no matter what you do in the present."

Got another one aimed more at corp rather then corpsec

A video appears of flashing lights in the night, a dim glow speaking to a fire off camera. A voice over begins "Accidents happen in our lives" says the older voice, full of concern "And we can't always be ready for them." The video cuts to the image of a mangled car on the corner of a street in withmore, a single limb visible in the wreckage "Whether you're an office worker or a manager, life can end suddenly.". The video cuts again to show a grieving family in their home, a family picture prominently displayed on the kitchen table "But there is a better way to live." The family suddenly looks up as the door opens, and in walks the man in the photo, smiling. The children and wife rush to him and hug him "Invest in a Genetek Clone today. Life can be cruel. Genetek can even the odds."

If it's still open, here's what I was thinking

[Scene shows a young man, falling out of an airplane, he rushes towards the water below. The camera moves past him, down towards the water, where he is now surfing. The camera pans up to reveal a 20 foot wave behind him. The wave crashes over the man, the view filling with water for a moment. The camera pans under the water, where the man is now swimming with a group of sharks behind him. He swims past the camera, and the shark's mouth fills the screen.]

Genetek : Live life without fear.

This is likely to be awful and I am saying I'm sorry prematurely.

[A hefty man covered in tally mark tattoos sits on a metal chair in a nondescript room. He slowly points to a tally mark on his chest and says, "Got into a fight with some gangers, ended up shot in the head." He moves his finger to his forearm and continues, "I was in a helicopter that was targeted with a missile. It blew me to shreds." He begins to trace his body pointing at various tally marks and listing more and more gruesome deaths. After a few more tallies, he quiets and points to a tally on his face, right under his eye. "I was on my way to the Hall of Justice when I slipped. A long fall from the skywalk." The Genetek logo slowly appears on the screen along with the words, "When life gives you lemons, get Genetek."]

[A grim-faced WCS worker busies themselves with the gruesome task of unloading bodies wrapped in vile-yellow bio-hazard sheeting from a large pile into a disposal van, hurling them in gracelessly, one by one. The camera slowly pans back to reveal the pile is actually just the edge of a larger heap. A staggering volume of corpses in wide panoramic view comes into focus, easily enough to fill an entire warehouse. A gentle female voice-over cautions you, "Genetek: Because dying is easier than you think."]