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How would I join a gang?
Gangland Style


I'm thinking about getting into the criminal life with my character, but I wasn't too sure how to approach this.

Do I talk to people and ask "can I join this gang" or "what's shaking in the criminal life"? I just don't know whether going up to random people and asking "can I be a thug?" makes any sense.

Or do I leave a note that asks for help in getting a thug job, ask for help in RPing a situation?

Sorry if this is all stupid questioning, but I'm a newbie and new to roleplaying like this in general.

I know you wrote 'Inb4 FOIG' but that's pretty much the short answer to your question. Ask around ICly, see if you can find out who's repping what etc. The whole FOIG thing is hard at first, I know, but you'll get used to it and learn to like it!
But in all seriousness, just explore with your character and maybe ask other characters who you think might be involved in a gang, is a good place to start.
A little detail on the 'FOIG', like coconut said.

Ask around characters you see on the street, especially those who seems to be repping someone.

Also @note this, so the admins know your intentions and know what to puppet if you talk to an npc

Yea. Imagine you're an immigrant- new to a city. You find a gang you want to join for whatever reason. You can walk up to one of the members and ask them directly how you might be able to join. Or, perhaps try impressing them to the point that they ask you because they want you. If you have no idea how, ask.

It's the same as when you want to get a job, you have to sell yourself and convince them why they should hire you. In the same way, you are trying to convince a gang why they should let you join.

This one is definitely something you can easily FOIC if you spend a bit of time looking around, asking around or maybe trying to cause trouble.
In general, periodically dropping a note that tells GMs what your character is thinking as far as goals, accomplishments, whats important, how you plan to do something, are all going to help you better communicate with them. :)
Sorry I'm not saying I'm not willing to try and find out, I was just unsure if asking "are you a criminal? Can I commit some crimes?" made any sense or was savvy.
Series of videos here on the game. There's one on the FOIG topic.

It eventually make sense, as it makes you more involved in RP to find things out IC, rather than other players just say go here and say this. Then it's just grinding with no fun, IMO.

One of the moments I remember in the game was when I accidentally found out about a game command. My character was griping about something in a bar, and not being able to do it. Another character looked over and said, "Hey, do this." Was damned cool, and led to more RP with that character later. oops, forgot the link.
It's not too hard to identify characters that are affiliated with street gangs. Use your eyes and common sense. Not trying to some of snarky, but that's pretty much it. :)
All righty, I'll give that a try :D. If it's an NPC what should I do? Do I request for a puppet?
'help npc' has the basics down for interacting with NPCs. I'll summarize it for you.

0. Check @who. GMs online? Go ahead. If not, try later.

1. Talk to an NPC (ask a question so that the GMs know what your character wants so that they can prepare).

2. Wait for about 5-10 minutes, then repeat the question. GMs have a lot of their plate and are often busy with other puppets and other GM duties.

3a. Got a response? Success! You can now freely interact with the puppeted NPC.

3b. No response? @request-puppet and follow the instructions.

Good luck!

Thank you! I'll carry this advice into the game.