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If life gives you lemons..
Why are we really here?

Why ARE we here? This is question you have to occasionally ask yourself, when things seem to be going in a different direction than you intended, or when things are not necessarily happening at the speed you wished it would. The answer to this question should be, to roleplay. By this, I do not mean that the world should cater to your experience, but also that you should be bringing some of that enjoyment to others. The reason I bring this up, is I recently fell victim to a momentary bout of frustration that things were not happening as I wished they would, the world requiring more from me to accomplish my goals. I wanted to advance MY plot at MY pace, and when the MOO required more of me, for the briefest instant, I was annoyed. I have been roleplaying for a long time, so it did not take much for me to bounce back and roll with the punches. Which leads me to the main point of this blabbering, my experience WAS MUCH BETTER FOR IT. Asking more of me made me ask for more from myself, which then led me to interact with multiple other players, allowing us to share some roleplaying moments, each of us using our .pose's as well as we could, playing our roles as well as we could. I sat there after my encounters, reflecting on my attitude a short while earlier, which led me to ask the question, why am I here? The answer is, I am here for these exact moments, wherever they come from, and wherever they lead. I am here to experience a shared story, with all of you, and to offer you my character and my story to your ongoing saga's. Thank you to those I interacted with, you really brought the world to life, and I can't wait for more!
Right on.
Yes, yes, I can't agree more!

Every day I log on, it's like tuning in for another episode. And it's always a surprise who will be in today's episode. Will they resume plotline A or B? Or will it be a gritty emotional episode? Or is there suddenly a new twist that ends plotline C? Hey who's that new character?