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Incorrect IC help

My character has an opinion that I'm reasonably sure is wrong about crates and making money. When I see players ask in SIC about it should I advance my characters opinion knowing now that it's likely wrong or should i just be quiet and not confuse someone who may know less than i do.

Okay stop laughing. I can hear you. Really.

Because if my character was trying to help they would advance their ideas, wrong as they are. This concept goes beyond crates to any of the game systems...

If FOIC is a thing, am I screwing people over by commenting on stuff that I believe icly but am reasonably sure is just wrong?

Do whatever you want.
As long as it's IC, no. It's just called being an asshole IC. It's perfectly reasonable to say, give a person wrong direction on purpose or not on purpose icly through roleplay. Someone could ask where to run crates and you could tell them the Hall of Justice and it's completely ok for example. However on ooc channels like xgame please don't answer if you don't know.
That's what I thought, but I don't want to break any conventions before I start doing things.
Loads of misinformation gets passed along within the game, whether it's deliberate on an IC or OOC level, or just RP'ing a character's ignorance, it's all fair game in here. It's to be expected when you have a whole city's worth of idiots chiming in on your SIC feed 24/7.
You have to remember that every character has their own view of the world. Their own motivations. And they will act on that view and those motivations. And this isn't limited to just PCs. I've had NPCs lie to my characters hard for their own reasons. When it comes to the IC world it helps to really try think about the situation. The people. Their wants. All that.

Maybe you know the person asking about delivering a crate and see them as competition so you direct them to a very dangerous place where they will likely be killed. Or a place where you've paid someone to ambush them. Maybe you pissed an NPC off so when a PC comes to them asking about their killer the NPC blames you and takes that PCs flash. Maybe when you hear someone give bad advice and you pipe in and correct them you just cost them the five kay they paid for that ambush and now you are on their hate list and you don't even know it. The possibilities are endless. :-)

The IC world is a dark, corrupt, hostile place. Cyberpunk. Best get used to it :-P

So I was all good with this until I was reading more of the boards where this was a slither quote:

"My character once convinced everyone that Fuller Street (on Red) was a SAFE PLACE. Just by saying it often enough and once in a while killing a pickpocket. If you look at the Fuller Street as a place with probably a million people traveling through it a day, it seems silly that one person could do that, but when you look at Fuller Street as a place where 20-50 people are traveling through it a day, it makes sense that one person could do that.

Eventually I realized that I was -breaking the game- because while oldbies and even middlebies knew that what my character was saying was bullshit because he couldn't always be watching... new players knew nothing else. They start the game, they hear fuller is safe, they believe it because the immy that showed them the ropes heard the same thing, and then all the sudden IT IS FACT."

Is this still relevant because it seems to be contrary to the advice I'm getting in the thread here.

For reference the quote came from the thread talking about changes to donations pads... whatever those are.