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I was wondering if legal/court/lawmaking rp was a thing that was available in this.
Hello, the legal system in Withmore does not have these kind of procedures, we use a Judge Dredd inspired system where Judges are jury-judge-executioners.

You can read the lore page for more information.

Not unheard of. It might not take the form you have in mind and it might not be easy to find or create it as a new player, but, hey, be creative and anything can happen.
I noticed that this was exclusively for criminal procedures, is there anything special for civil stuff or is it more or less private arbitraition.
Disputes and arbitration typically is resolved by solos and contract killers, and not courts and jurors.
It's the law of whoever has the most money. Plutocracy not democracy. Sorta like the real world, actually?
There's nothing stopping a player from having their character provide this as a service. I could give examples but that would be in-character information.
Is the city council controlled by people and are they active or is it just a static rp prop?
A very themeful reference here is mystery/crime author Lawrence Block's Ehrengraf character. This body of work provides a model for both reaching arbitrative solutions as well as enforcing agreements.

Additionally, keep in mind that many lawyers are really just "fixers" in the access/contacts/making things happen sense, rather than the overly-simplistic "moving goods" sense that tends to be the paradigm around here.

The Corporate Council is not a role that's available to player-characters (PCs).
Can they be lobbied and are they still active?
The playerbase really never engages in that sort of high level political gameplay, it's more middle-low level, think about street gangs, syndicates, corporations, law and conflict of classes. Answering your question the city council exists but it is not an active part of gameplay.
Judges may be Judge, Jury and executioner but they are not law makers. They can liberally apply the law but not make it up. Making of the law is handled by the higher ups.

Many characters are unfamiliar with the law and it may be possible convince some to pay for legal instruction and advice. Just keep in mind that this could draw all kinds of attention - wanted and unwanted.

There are other 'sets of laws' that exist and it may be possible to find or create courtroom like RP on some places. But you really need to learn a lot of this ICly. A new character is like an American Dude in Japan for the first time ever - they have a lot to learn about the local ways.

However - we have had 'lawyers' in various senses in the past. The RP is there if you take up a role like that. It just necessarily won't be like a court room drama, as there are no courts.

More like a mediator, a fixer of information. Maybe you are a representative for someone. Maybe you get a client and do things to better their interests. All that RP is there and can be done.

We're really starting to get into "in character" information here. A player can have their character try anything at all.

Your character isn't likely to have any avenue for accessing this type of gameplay as a newcomer to the city. It's likely to be a long-horizon goal.

A lot of this is bordering on IC information that can't be shared OOCly with our rules, dapocalypse.

One important thing to keep in mind is that in SD, the top-top positions are always held by staff via NPC's. This isn't one of the MOO's that has player rulers or leadership, however, there's SIGNIFICANT agency within that restriction. Players can, and often do hold the #2 positions of power within organizations, and they tend to run the day to day operations, just understand that they will have a 'bigger fish' that they report to that will direct them towards plots, drive story for the game, etc.

Other replies in the way - by "this type" I was specifically answering about "lobbying the Council".

I mean, it IS possible to try and push requests and suggestions and complaints up but it would always stats with low-level functionaries. You'd have to really work hard and long to get any kind of direct communication with council members and it may never happen despite your best efforts. But it could be interesting RP if you like that kind of thing.
Having a long-term, far-fetched, impossible-seeming "stretch goal" is an awesome way to play this game. Players are pushing the edges of the playable game world all the time, and have been for 20 years. It's part of how the game develops and grows over time.

But for real though, I can't recommend Ehrengraf enough. If you haven't read it, get your hands on this for an extremely fun read with a flavor that directly maps to Sindome even though it's not in a cybepunk setting. url][/url]

The playerbase really never engages in that sort of high level political gameplay[/]

... as far as YOU know. :P We have a saying around here, which I believe is extremely useful for new players to keep in mind, since it has the effect of removing perceived boundaries and obstacles:

Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it's not a thing.

I have my own personal corollary to that, which is:

If you don't know, then your character doesn't know either. Doesn't mean they can't try to find it.

Consider positioning your character as an articulate, well-informed negotiator for others, in situations they would otherwise have trouble dealing with. There's tons of corporate discretion and no due process in the world of Withmore, but that doesn't mean you can't play a character who gets paid for representation / advocacy.

Be aware that it might take a long time and a fair bit of effort to develop the connections needed to do this effectively.

In many regards Sindome is uniquely unsuited to that type of roleplay, since most law at some level is a method of conflict resolution without violence -- whereas Sindome very much stresses violence as the preferred method of conflict resolution.

When conflict mediation does occur, it's usually performed by characters with substantial authority or the ability to enforce mediation (which is to say, the ability to kill everyone involved if necessary).

A more likely outcome is being a plugged-in political operative in some other position (business owner, senior corporate office, organized crime associate) but expect it will take years to learn how.

Sindome is very realpolitik, soft power is going to extend from a player's own expertise and ability more than their character's IC role in most cases.

whereas Sindome very much stresses violence as the preferred method of conflict resolution.

Violence is only one form of leverage. And not even the most fun or most profitable or most themely.

I cannot even count the number of times the guidance given to players about their concerns about what other players have been doing has been: Kill them.

Violence is absolutely a generally preferred mode of conflict resolution, I didn't say it was the only one or even the best one. But if you want to split syntactical hairs about it we can say instead that conflict is the preferred mode of conflict resolution in Sindome.

Although it often gets put down for being low-brow RP, yes, in fact, killing people does generate a TON of RP, and it tends to spiral outwards and ripple quite well, assuming that people have some level of connections on both sides of the equation.

Sometimes it's great to talk things out and arbitrate, it's not always called for, but sometimes it can be in everyone's interests to do so.

Other times people just need to get stomped, Withmore Welcomed, reality checked, whatever you want to call it. That might mean vatting, it might be getting maimed or disfigured, or simply the 'fear of god' put into them: the situation is always contextual. A sense of actual paranoia and fear for your character's life will inject a fat shot of RP fuel into your character's life.

That said. If you want to be a bigshot go-to arbitrator for things, then you're going to have to strap in for a long haul. Connections to some of the deeper parts of the dome's societies are not easily gathered, and often come in the form of two steps forward, one step backwards. It's a great long-term goal to have, but don't try and walk in the gates and be like "I'm JoeBaka, bigshot player from ." People won't take you seriously, and it won't go well.

I'd just like to encourage people not to fall for it.

So, there are people who "generally prefer" this or that or the other. People on both sides of the admin wall. 95% of the time someone says "kill them", it's tongue in cheek - it's Sindome's inside joke.

Doesn't mean that other people's general preferences and oft-repeated "received wisdom" is the only way to play.

Stop acting attacked - if you want to use the kill hammer on every nail, go ahead, it's not wrong. It is wrong though to just act like it's the only right thing.

Soft power is going to extend from a player's own expertise and ability more than their character's IC stats and skills in most cases.

I think Rhicora's words are the best advice to the OP here. Well said.