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Mecca Reclaimed Zone


Has there been any sort of information written about the Reclaimed Zone of Mecca? Is that up for grabs in regards to theme being made and the like?

I wouldn't say it's "up for grabs" but you could make up a character from there.

Anyway, no, nothing whatsoever has been written about it other than what's on Timeline regarding the Middle East. It got nuked, it's being reclaimed - use your imagination. Especially considering that even though it's in a reclamation zone, Mecca is still described as "ruins".

But be conservative about facts you invent, until you're familiar enough with game lore and IC culture to feel very confident about doing so. Making something up OOCly can make your character a liar ICly, and you won't know until it's too late.

It's why I'm reaching out, working on my History and want to make sure I'm not writing in details that might contradict information already in play. Though, that said I made a mistake and mentioned Saif is from Damascus, though Syria and the City of Damascus are nothing but nuclear rubble.
Never underestimate the ability of a desperate, impoverished population to eke out a difficult life in the midst of nuclear rubble. Fallout shelters exist!
Right, so, keep it modest. Your character is from the ruins of Mecca, had a life there, make your @history be about their life there rather than the history of the place itself.

I mean, you get more than one chance, anyway. If you write something in your @history draft which the GMs know is unfeasible, they'll tell you and ask you to re-draft that part. Not the end of the world.

One thing that works well is zooming in a bit. Making up colorful details about Mecca as a whole is far more likely to clash with staff vision of the vision of other PCs. Creating colorful details of a small neighborhood in Meca is far less likely to run into any issues.

The further I zoom in (the more local) the freer I feel to throw in creative and definitive 'facts'. The more zoomed out (global) I am the more cautious I am - I am really hesitant to declare 'facts' about cities, regions, countries and all that.

Also keep in mind that histories are a back and forth. You right it up. Staff reviews it and gives feedback, you adjust, staff reviews and provides feedback, and so on until it's good to go. Can take one try or five. Neither is better or worse. So you can relax a little and depend on staff to call out anything they feel is questionable.

What I've written is that Saif is from the shoddy city that is 'New Mecca' within Mecca Ruins in the Reclaimed zone. He was the youngest of 6, him and his sister are all that is left of their siblings due to natural disasters of the area and crime. At the age of 16, he leaves the Reclaimed zone with a convoy heading to Damascus in an attempt to reclaim it.

That is all I have thus far.

Was thinking that the first attempt failed horribly as they ran into mutates wild life that attacked and then unexpected nuclear sandstorm that shredded contamination suits and vehicles, Saif manages to survive and made it back to Mecca. Another attempt two years later happened and this time the convoy got close to the city but befell an attack by mutated creatures. Saif survived, but only because he was knocked unconscious. When he awoke he was in a bunker in Damascus where a population lived, perhaps around a thousand people.

There he was welcome to stay, but only if he could help out. At first he helped with digging tunnels, but eventually changes his vocation to raiding and was seeking entry into the Damascus Ifrits.

However something happened. Perhaps some of those mutants found their way into the bunker from one of the tunnels and murdered most everyone? Saif made his way back to New Mecca, and it had changed over the 19 years he was gone. He left New Mecca and went to America to start a new life in Whitmore City.

PLEASE don't reveal in-character details in this out-of-character medium.

Even if they aren't approved yet.

@History is mostly there so that new players understand the concept of immersive roleplay and to establish the basic background for their character and their skills.

You can make it hyper-detailed if you're into that but it's really not necessary, and more than likely you're going to end up with stuff that isn't relevant or compatible.

Some character's histories will barely ever feature in their roleplay, some character's are defined by their histories, but when you start off it's a good idea to focus on ideas rather than specific details.

Well, wrote out the history, but now having issues with logging in. Once I figure out the issue is I shall be on to add my history.