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Mix Life!
The people down -there-

Saw this clip on fb and couldn't help but think of Red:

Today I Learned that Withmore needs an underground tunnel society that is vastly populated with drug addicts, prostitutes and facilitates some kind of illegal trade in Withmore, I'd be even happier if this has already come into existence since the last time I played. :)

But why would I want to play something which is so close to my RL?

Because RL can be very CP at times so it's themely and ... It's about playing the theme not exactly playing something specifically make believe, no?

When I think of the "Mix", I think of the closest real-life equivalent being Hong Kong's Kowloon Walled City, which was torn down in the early nineties:

The most densely populated area ever to exist, largely given up on by any major government that could claim jurisdiction over it. However, in the absence of government regulation, the citizens of the makeshift city formed tightly woven communities to improve the quality of life for all residents, making it a surprisingly comfortable place to live despite the issues with overcrowding and sanitation. It was, of course, a hotbed for crime, but criminal activity declined substantially in its later years.

I think my idea version of the "Mix" isn't cutthroat gangers and drug lords doing as they please with a helpless populace, but a tight knit community that makes the best for themselves in the absence of the amenities afforded to the "haves".

Kowloon Walled City - TOTALLY!

Nice reference to the cyberpunk godfather, Gibson, too, who referenced Kowloon Walled City significantly in Idoru.