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Money transactions
Is intercity transfer between accounts possible?

Either I'm a total dumbass or there's no OOC info on it.

A lot of RP I'm doing depends on how banks work in Withmore. Basically, my char needs both to save and transfer regularly; up to now I merely RPed it by 'deposit', but there's a world of difference between the two.

If WM banks do stay in touch with the outer world (unlike local technology), one'll have to play accordingly, somehow imitating transfer. (No idea how to do it, actually, 'coz there's no PC recipient out of town, just a point in the character's history, so the 'transfer' command is apparently of no use. Writing down IRL how much my char has already 'spent' could help, but then it would be unrealistic, as the money'll still be accessible for the bank (or hackers), etc., etc., and the transferred funds (IMHO) should be 'lost').

Otherwise the character may behave differently. (I mean, if one can only save chy, but not transfer outside WM). She may be forced - or tempted - to draw the funds (angst +100, yep), or try to use the same account for different purposes and get confused, or it could be emptied, or whatever.

(Yes, I'm a stupid noob. The noobiest noob on the Boards, probably. But it's really important as far as the character's motivations and actions are concerned.)

Thanks a lot!

Sounds like you need a fireplace or some staff assistance to make a special 'dead' account.
Are you saying that it's important for your character to "get rid of" chyen? Chyen they'll never see again?
Perhaps I must make it clearer. At the beginning my character intends to find a job in the dome and send/transfer money to a different city. This determines her behaviour, aims, strategies etc.; the recipient is, however, imaginary (mentioned only in the history, doesn't exist as a PC). Is it possible to do such a thing at all (ICly)?

Sorry for being so slow...

One thing to be aware of is that Withmore is nothing like the outside world. Different systems, different laws, different currency. You should take a read of the timeline. There might be a help file on chyeN somewhere, try using the search function of the website. That said, I know the code doesn't facilitate transferring chyen out of the dome or back in. And, the outside world doesn't even use the Withmore currency.
Maybe xhelp it and see if it can be facilitated. Just sounds like a lot of work and lost chy to be perfectly honest. And, quit self-depreciating. We were all newbies once.
Xhelp or leave @notes describing why GMs should help with this. There's probably something they can do, if there's a really good and themely reason, but RP is not enhanced by removing money from your ability to circulate it, so, they might not help you overcome this limitation. You can not send money to Moscow or Miami or any other place where Withmore Central Bank terminals and accounts don't exist. I wouldn't even send it in a locked briefcase.

ICly this can probably be explained like how "chyen" isn't convertible currency. Withmore's a giant "company town" with its own "script" is how I think about it.

At any rate, working GMs via @notes and IC efforts is your best bet.

Working with*