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Music, Band Names, and Such
Coming up with names and music

So, I took a brief lunch today, sort of, and came up with a bunch of names.

I don't know if the Google Doc was created, and I tried looking for previous posts with music so I could resurrect that post / thread from the dead, but I failed miserably.

That being said, I had a little bit of time and I came up with a bunch of band and artist names (Musically) that we can drop IC.

Less distracting, I hope. These are posted in no particular order.

Also, a few I saw on sic to start with:

Two Step Samurais

Bloody Shonen Nagamaki

Mother Fucking Cherry Poppers

Cyberwear Magi


Bleu for Red

Silk Sheets

Tokyo Celt Cyber Systems (Celtic Music Band)

Math across Jupiter

Cyber Shin

Cerebral Silicon

Sakura Shinobi

Kojiki (by the way, look that up) c:


Chi Lo Top (Rapper)

Cerebral Doomsday (Rap)

Draco Bloodline

Cyber Matrix

Cyber Knights of the Cortex Abomination

Dinky Soyavore

Pale Flash

Lusting Beau

Dainty Adversary

Charleston's High (they hail from The Freestate of Nevada)

Donegal's Cortex (Celtic Metal)

Craven Silk (Celtic Metal.... and also an ale.)

Lughnasadh (Irish Band - inspired from Lunasa. Imitation is the best flattery?)

Wolfsrudel (German/Euro Neo Medieval Music. Name means Wolf Pack.)

Tempting Asgaard

Castel Hoti (Romanian for castle thieves... I think.)

Frontier Rascals

LSR (Lone Star Republic)

Tidewater Rouge

Mississippi Delta Boys

Seraphim Carnivale (similar to Dead can Dance and Enigma)

I'm... going to stop now.

That will get us started.

Okay, one more:


Charlie House Jefferson

Remmie Boy Johnson

Nouveau Rouge Williamson

Bonnie Scrapper Smith

(must, press, start thread...)

It's all about the BabySmashers.
*heh* Yea.

I like that.

The Happy Happy Joygirls
'Deso Rock'

A sound originating from the early 2080's Seattle scene. Spawned from a certain subculture of Seattle musicians who were heavily into the use of Desomorphine for recreational use, the sound is characterized by compositions which usually begin as highly technical, vibrant music with experimental time signatures only to gradually deconstruct themselves into incredibly heavy, mollusk-slow songs with harsh electronic synth sounds and unusual, off-beat drum patterns. As might by most musical movements centered around a drug, the music is heavily influenced by the experience of Desomorphine and lyrical themes include addiction and decay.

Deso Rockers purport an aesthetic that mixes lurid and pastel colored hair and accessories with worn down, threadbare looking plain clothing. Deso Rock is largely known as a Seattle genre but has also surfaced in the United Kingdom and Russia, as well as spawning the imitation Wani Rock movement in Japan.

There was a really good thread last year about Music. I'll just put this here since it's current.

When I think of music for SD I usually find myself listening to some kind of electronica. I had originally envisioned Bitter:Sweet "I get what I want" ( and "The Mating Game" ( for the tone at the Korova with it's sensual jazzy lounge music.

When I think about Mixers I've always just imagined the Boombox Saints style. It hadn't occurred to me til today after randomly coming across an old music video that the Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals album is pretty fitting.

Coma White is a good example lyrically and in fashion sense. I think it's a pretty good match up. (

The whole album is pretty dystopian, picturing a grey world with robotic like interactions and heavy drug use as if it were to be expected in society. The overall tone is depressing and sad and that vibes with Red quite a bit.

I expect the Happypop genre to get happier and giddier over the generations between now and Sindome, too.

God Damnit Let's Fuck being the chart topping act as of right about this particular nanosecond, having displaced "My Bubbler Gets Me Off" by 420000 Lunatics.

Bringing it back to the topic. Which was about IC culture.