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Posing Workshop Thread
Tools and Techniques coalesced in one place

I've spent hours in OOC environments helping and being helped to figure out posing.

Some of the non-obvious stuff.

Poseball I call it, essentially with pronouns the Poseball is tossed back and fourth, the moment a specific object/player is mentioned that pronoun Ball pings to them and will refer to them from then on.

Consider the following pose,

.pull at my socks and .look to JoeBaka and JaneBaka, and I .smile at him, and .turn to her and .grin, my eyebrows pulsing on my forehead with implications.

This would probably display to JaneBaka, as,

JennyBaka pulls at her socks and looks to You and JaneBaka, and she smiles at him, and turns to her and grins, her eyebrows pulsing on her forehead with implications.

But it would display to JaneBaka as,

JennyBaka pulls at her socks and looks to JoeBaka and you, and she smiles at you, and turns to you and grins, her eyebrows pulsing on her forehead with implications.

Not the worst fuckup, but still a fuckup. Because you forgot where the pronoun poseball was.

Something that also is a big disconnect at first, if you're used to writing in a MUD in third person.

Poses are first person perspective from your characters point of view.

Me My I


She Hers Her

So, other important thing to remember, is that people are accepting of fuckups and generally want to help, if you're one on one with someone and they fuck up, and you know how they fucked up. Something you can do is, ask for clarification, and then give them the pose as it appeared to you.

Don't tell them to repose, don't say they did really anything bad, just make sure they know that they messed up the pose, and if they ask for help, give it to them.

Some good places for getting help with posing on your own.


help posing

I ducked up the name on the first example's display and it should read JoeBaka being the one seeing it.
So wait you can't pose to 'you' after dropping someone's name? I'll keep that in mind.

Are pronouns strictly binary in Sindome? It's been a while since I went through chargen and I don't remember if you can choose any nonbinary options.

What if you don't know the person's pronouns? Does singular they/them work?

Suppose Jenga is hidden in the room and Bangle gave you a description of what Jenga's wearing (without any gender identifiers) and asked you if you can see anyone who matches thst description? So you type:

.perk up at the sound of Jenga's name and .look around for anyone that matches their description, shrugging to Bangle.

Would Jenga see the pose correctly? From Jenga's perspective:

"Circlet perks up at the sound of your name and looks around for anyone that matches your description, shrugging to Bangle."

First person pronouns refer to yourself, and toss the pronoun ball there.

So essentially

.goe to make a simple shift of the hands. I .run my hands along the air to indicate to her.

Her would refer to yourself in that case. As would him.

It doesn't care about pronoun gender, it cares about the pronouns themselves.

Though keeping track of gender is a very good idea. As the pronoun listed is usually what it defaults too for the non-targetted people.

You can also get around this by deliberately targetting people yes, but I'm not sure how the parser handles that and it could come off as really awkward from a tense sense.

IE someone other than the target might see.

JoeBaka takes JaneBaka by the hand as JaneBaka shivers, leading JaneBaka away from the dance floor, while JaneBaka slowly recovers from the near overdose on Marcy JaneBaka nearly suffered.

So you could just say "she" every time and .pose will fix it to whoever has the poseball? If I'm understanding correctly, that's awesome and very helpful for getting pronouns correct even if you fudge it!

Fingers crossed I never have to write a .pose like your last one, lol!

No. Not at all.

Remember what each version of

She Her Hers

Refers too,

She has something.

It is hers.

She uses it on her face.

You still need to use correct grammar because otherwise things don't work out right and the tenses will be wrong.

You'll get things like.

.goe to see HenriettaBaka closer, forcing she arms open as I .look at she pockets.

HenryBaka goes to see you closer, forcing you arms open as he looks at she pockets.

The grammar matters, the poseball is just a way to remember that the pronoun parsing moves around. And refer to the last person referred too explicitly.

It's smart, but it's not a super genius.

I typically don't use a partial word like .goe because the system. Isn't really designed for it, kind of a hack/side effect. But if it works, cool. You can use 'pose' instead if '.' in some cases as well.

You can also use ::'s though that is emote.

You kinda have too though or it screws up the word. As far as I'm aware at least.
If I'm talking to someone and we're having a back and forth conversation, can I stop using that person's name and just say pronouns instead? Will that direct properly toward that person, or do I still need to use the name once in the pose each time?

.smile at YoGirl.

YoGirl smacks you in the face.

.frown at her.

Also If I wanted to say something like

"'s eyes widen."

Is there a way to do that in pose? when I try to put :'s it seems to add another s. I've done it through emote, but emote doesn't change direct the pronouns and whatnot like pose, right? Or is it improper rp for me to make the subject something other than my character's person?

These are great threads. Thanks <3

.widen my eyes at YoGirl.

Unless you mean you want the other character's eyes to widen? In which case god moding is bad.

Okay cool. Yeah that works.
Rhea, I mean like if I don't know someone's pronouns and I type this to someone who's he/him/his:

.smile to JoeBaka, checking out her clothes.

Will it correct "her" to "his"?

(Granted, I think I understand that the system has pronouns tied to gender, and everyone has a gendered tag in their shortdesc. I'm just curious if the system will correct me if I mix up his & her. I don't want to upset anyone.)

It will not. As far as I know. But it will associate it with him. So that he'll see.

XXXBaka smiles to you, checking out your clothes.

Where other people will see, XXXBaka smiles to JoeBaka, checking out her clothes.

Thank you!