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Pretty Charts and Numbers
Johnny shares some facts!

Going to post to this thread from time to time with new charts. To start off, here's a link to the ones I posted over the weekend.

My favorite is Immigration vs Deaths.

Our website signup conversion rate is pretty good!


Numbers *drools*

I'm with Jinx.

Numbers... :)

In the third graph, what constitutes an 'RP Event'? Guessing the basic stuff like emote, speak, movement.

In a prior life I worked in Tableau occasionally. Memories..

RP Event includes things like pose, emote, speech, that sort of stuff.

Lets see how well a live chart embeds ...

Here's one people will love.

RP Hot Spots this hour.

Lol. I love how much those last two posts involved me. Ha, seriously.

I would love to see anything else you have cooked up.

Gorge Yourself!

2/10 fapfapfap is not on the social shortcuts

I love that some info is redacted.

Very cool!

Anything you can share about how these are these being utilized to shape GM/admin action and game input?

The 'outages' column is showing all times where our monitoring service wasn't able to reach the named service. This includes numerous releases I performed to the main website. The who list and the main website are technically the same thing. The Jira system can be slow to respond and you see that reflected as it being down more often than it really is. And Sindo.Me was purposefully left offline early this month as part of a test of the monitoring system.

Overall, I am pleased with the performance and stability of our systems. I am hoping that when we move to the new server, the new process management solution I'm building will reduce the length of time it takes to restart key processes like the main website application. This should end up reducing the number of 'outages' that get detected as I make code changes.