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Q's from a noob

So over the years, i have played a few RPE'd text based games. Most of the time i found the "enforced" part to be not very well enforced at all. OR i found it to be only the same 4 people on a day, which kind of kills it for me.

My question is... is this worth getting into? I spent about an hour yesterday creating my character, and started working on his history. Then i though to myself, "meh, this is probably plagued by the same problems as other RPE games..." I usually take hours upon hours creating my character for these types of games... and i just didnt want to put all that effort in just to find out that no one plays lol...

So i figured id ask here first. Whats the avg player count? Also, what about gm/player events? are they at least a semi-regular occurrence?

Sorry if these have been asked before, i took a quick view of the website and didnt see answers to these.

No worries about the asking questions.

Player counts average at about 30 consistently, around 50 at peak times.

RP is enforced for everyone, because everyone is here to RP. Breaking character is a no-no. We joke about things on OOC channels of course, but IC stays IC.

As for admin/player events, they happen fairly regularly, though don't expect to be involved in all of them. Generally, if you just play, you'll wind up affected by/blundering into a few.

Appreciate the answer. Not too worried about being involved in the admin/player events, just like to see that it is active. And happy that the RP is the core here at sindome, some games say it, but it winds up not being the case...Thanks again for the response. Ill be in game today! Thanks!

Actually, i did have one other question... is your history able to be viewed by other players or can they only see your description?

Or is your history only used for admin? Seems like it would not be readily apparent, your entire history, simply from someone looking at you...

You can set your history as viewable in your character's ooc profile, I think.

So it is NOT viewable to other players by default. Only if you make it so.

How long does it usually take for History drafts to be approved/denied?