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Renting in the Dome
It's very much IC bakas!

I am going to peel back the curtain a little as we keep seeing the same basic confusion about apartments over and over and over again.

An apartment's stats as Rented, Evicted and Vacant are IC things. Apartment's statuses are controlled by IC people. The managers are running a biz. In almost every case your problem with an Apartment is an IC thing.

We can tell you what generally commands (OOC things) you need to use to make IC things happen but the rest is IC. Need to know how to use door? Find a chum that knows how and get help. Got locked in? Try and contact someone who can get you out - the NPC apartment manager if nothing else works.

And the IC world cares who the renter is. Just because a character pays rent on a pad or knows the master code does NOT mean it's their apartment. As far as the IC world is concerned the person who rented it (actually did 'rent DOOR) it the renter. And there are somethings that only the renter can do.

Even cases where one person was the renter and you want to become the renter for whatever reason are IC things and need to be handled ICly. There will be no OOC GM magic performed to make this happen.