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Requesting more ways to say hi in SD
"hola, what's up, and how's biz" only go so far

So there's a lot of ways to say hi and most of them don't seem to exist any more. Going off the @slang lists three phrases: "hola," "what's up," and "how's biz," and there's a thread on the BGBB that says to avoid use of "hello" and "hi."

"Hola" is mostly fine, and totally fits with the LTC influx.

"What's up" and "How's biz" give me social anxiety IRL when used as greetings, because I feel pressure to respond to someone who likely doesn't care about my answer but still wants me to give it as a segue into them talking about whatever they wanted to verbally interrupt me with. They don't evoke "hi" to me. It'd be a lot easier to use them as greetings if they weren't a problem IRL now.

Are other regional hellos, like salut, ni hao, howdy, and konnichiwa still in circulation?

In addition to more neutral / casual hellos, I'd love some phrases that I can use to denote the emotion behind the type of hello, like...

What can I say as a greeting when I'm really excited to see someone? Equivalent to a squeaky "hi!"

When I'm disgusted / uncomfortable / awkward / frightened / sad to greet someone? Like a quiet "hey."

Thank you!

The regional hellos are definitely still in circulation. It's usually used by characters who actually would use that as per their nationality but nothing is stopping you from using them. Does it sound ace? Use it.

Ciao, konnichiwa, howdy, ni hao, salut, all that I've seen used in game by players.

Heyo, hiya, wassup, how's you going, how's it hanging, how's you chummer, g'day, yo, what's happenin'

They're all valid ways to say hi. Add chummer/chum at the end if you wanna sound more MIX LYFE.

Obviously if you're playing a suit, be more formal [unless you are speaking with your chums] but you get the point.

Add more exclamation points to your hi, or punctuate it differently to indicate meaning.





Also, in the mix, you have cultures mixing so it is reasonable for a character who's lived there for a while to use flavor words from five different languages. All good.

Also, I find simply saying or exclaiming one's title or name is often good enough.

Seeing Joe and you do't particularly care. .upnod joe and .say, "Joe."

Seeing the head of a gang and being excited, .grin at jimmy and .exclaim, "King!"

Seeing a rival and not being pleased about it: .frown at Marcy and .say, "Baka..."

Whatever you can think of can work though. Just try and be creative and cyberpunk. That means you care about looking cool. Image is everything. Style over substance.

if I see "hiiiii~" im considering you anime and terminating your ass
Ranger, please make your posts constructive and on topic or do not post.
It was on topic with the first post -- just a little play. My bad.
OP: @slang is just a starting point. Make your own slsng up then give people the side eye when they ask you what it means.
Also, poses work relatively well. You sometimes don't have to say anything -- especially if you're disguised, like that scenario. Just upnod them, for example.
Some successful players/characters take loan words from popular existing slang such as nadsat (Clockwork Orange) or use that as inspiration to make their own.

I don't know if I am creative enough for this myself, but if you are it can make your character and RP super unique and stand out among others! c:

Wait, I am confused now. 'Hi' and 'hello' are against theme? Even though English is a very important language in Withmore? I've seen both mixers and corpies use regular greetings.
Hi and hello aren't against the theme, it's just encouraged to use slang or come up with your own way of greeting instead of the natural 'hi' or 'hello'. You can still use them, just sayin 'wassup chum' is a lot flashier and cooler in terms of RP than 'hello'.
Alright, just making sure. Thanks, Ranger.

Might've been a stupid question, but I got worried there for a bit. Anyway, I've noticed it is sometimes more fun to play a character with a foreign/non-English background as it allows for outlandish slang that feels quite natural and the character will find comfortable using.