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Roleplaying Musical Performances
we the best music roleplayers


I was personally looking for inspiration/idea on how exactly to roleplay some sort of musical performance. While the life of a musician or celebrity is certainly established (the debauchery and fun stuff), at least personally I've seen a severe lack in physical musical performances in my time in Withmore!

I want to see what sorta tips and tricks I could use to spice up the posing involved, make it less boring (or god forbid cringe-y on my part). Another idea is hinting at differences in performances sonically based on the location, a performance at a topside club is different than a Mix dive. Another is how to roleplay the presence of some sort of instrument or equipment, if there's no physical object; guitars are present in the game as objects but specific instruments like bass guitars, or drum kits, or keyboards don't seem to be.

Lastly, would it be appropriate for someone with artistry skill to produce said instruments or equipment, and with what physical material?

Thanks, y'all.

Anybody who even attempts to roleplay a musical performance in a text based game has my admiration. That sorta thing is tough.

I think they've been trying to get away from making instruments out of clothing material, so I dunno if there's other material available for non-clothing items.

I can think of one character that does this really well and I have a blast every time that character performs. Using an off-site theme-inspired playlist helps a lot, but it can also be tricky. Staying theme inspired and away from our own timeline's memes and cultural references takes a lot of attention to detail when setting something like this up, but i find it usually adds a lot more to the immersive atmosphere than it takes away from it. The player can really melt into the scene with the right musical choices and find a new sense of IC because of it.

That said, it isn't necessary. I've seen characters perform dance routines without off-site music that were just as compelling. I saw a bartender once perform her trickery behind the bar, too, and that was fantastic. I think the best thing we can consider when performing in any way on a stage in front of thousands (including ambient obviously) is that we are essentially ambient population ourselves. We aren't interacting with everyone in the room we're a part of the room. Posing and emoting with that in mind (ie. filling the room with beats or riffs or whatever, the general crowd's reactions, the lights, the atmosphere) while maybe singling out one pc in the crowd every now and then to connect to it in a more personal manner are all great ways to fill the musician's role. Its not just strumming and singing, though that has to be part of it, but it can be mixed into the scene while enhancing the atmosphere for everybody.

Those are my thoughts. I'm sure not everybody agrees. I wish there were more musician, though. My character looks for people to fill that role (though, my time constraints severely hinder what time i have to spend on something like that and that seems to fall to the back burner) but if musicians were actively pursuing clubs and bars to sign them up for a night it would be a no brainer. Having more entertainment means more gathering places and more competition, which means more diverse RP, which means more fun. :-)