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Sensory Overload Syndrome
Why ya keep passin out, chummer?

I know, I'm going board crazy.

Anyways, another thought I had. Pretty much everyone playing this game has had a dropped connection at some point. Maybe your internet sucks, there's a storm or you just close your client on accident. Sometimes, fellow players just ignore it and carry of with RP, but invariable, your character ends up trying to explain why they just randomly passed out, despite being completely sober and and well rested from their daily 18 hour sleep cycle.

To this, I offer up Sensory Overload Syndrome. SOS for short because all the best diseases have cool acronyms.

Live in the dome, and the mix in particular, isn't easy. You sic is bombarded with constant ads and other communications, every surface is covered with flashing neon signs, graffiti, and screens throwing even more ads at you. Then you look down the street and see more people than an average person a thousand years ago would see in their entire life, all jostling, fighting and yelling various sale calls and such. It can be more than one can handle at sometimes. There's just too much for your brain to handle sometimes.

So, bam, you shut down, even if only for a moment. I'm not saying this needs to be added as an actual disease, I'm more throwing it out there as a themely tool to use in rp to explain when this happens.

Why are there some many immies sleeping in the streets? Their brains just couldn't handle the mix and they slipped into a coma. Etc....

I really like this idea, and seems like it can be both applied to mixers and corpies, since the overload of constant information is a daily phenomenon for wherever someone lives.

I can also imagine S.O.S. generating some minor rp among characters, maybe someone who wants to portray a weaker person can in purpose faint and explain it as the lack of strength, whether that lack applies to the brain or the body in general.

Thumbs up from me