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Sic Broadcast Messages

This may seem silly to some of you. But something that has been kind of irking me more and more are the futurama quotes in the Sic Broadcast Messages (the little saying when you pull up the Who list) Those messages are IC, and it seems rather odd and unlikely that so many residents of the city are such huge fans of a t.v. show from the nineties. Ie: Right now I'm counting 7 of them. Sometimes there is a good bit more, sometimes less, depending on who is logged on.

Sindome is considered an RPI (Role Play Intensive) game, and I love that, but this seems kind of jarring, and not exactly in place with the theme. Anyways, that's my two chyen, take it for what it is.

I agree. The best way to correct this would be to submit non-futurama quotes to Sindome staff at an e-mail address. We are overdue for a change...

My underlying concern is that now that @who is obfuscated - it will became harder and harder to recognize players. Is this a bad thing? Arguably no...but it is something to think about.

Maybe if one of the admins could submit a format to the script development forum so whatever we send over easier transitions to the existing database - I think that would be useful.


Frankly, I wish admin went back to original witicitizems instead of relying on @random so heavily. Kinda proud you're bitching about futurama quotes breaking the mood. :)

I'm kind of proud of witicitizems...

I like this one, if we're auditioning alternative phrases for tags (actual IC content, character unattributed):

"Roger roger one apples and turtles, I'm with Mister Sunshine on a pineapple safari, do you copy?"

I actually have a bunch (probably 20-30) of William Gibson ones which I'll submit to instead of posting here. If they appear in the game it will be a while before they're recognized as "stock" that way.

I do try to sanitize the quotes used for random messaging every so often. I've removed several that made think we had an admin fixated with fecal matter...

Oh, yeah I also add stuff players say in an out of context bliss.