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Systems cracking, and programming...
...My career as a new citizen in Withmore

So I'm fairly new to the game, and I've made a character based on the cyber jockey archetype. I've been putting myself out there as a system admin for hire in a corpie setting, but also as a freelance hacker or cracker.

Now as I'm starting to have talks with other characters about jobs, I was wondering how these mechanics actually worked. Is there a command to attempt to hack something and then my stats determine success? I believe I'm at Ace for systems, adequate for cracking, and poor on programming.

Any advice or information would be appreciated!!

I don't think we're allowed to really get into too much information on these skills and how to get into them ICly, but there's like, things you can do with certain objects and the grid. You should maybe bring this up ICly. See what you can get your hands on. Matter of fact, so should I.
I have the skills associated with my character. I'm just not sure how to use the right syntax or context to use them.
That is to say, my character went to college before coming to Withmore, has most of his ue put into systems and cracking, he lives for this kind of thing.
I'm pretty new here, but I'll throw in my two cents (or chyen, I suppose). Trade knowledge is passed down through mentorship, and from what I've seen, what you're looking for can be found and handled IC.
Also, please don't put IC info and stat info on the boards. As far as what you're asking, there are objects that can be interacted with within those skills. SIC will be your best form of communication as a new player to start with. Usually, if you start a conversation like, "Hey, I'm an immy looking for work. Any ideas?" (In your own character's voice.) You'll get answers or you won't. It's like real world jobs, the corporations aren't going to look for you, you have to find them. Good luck.
I have possible jobs lined up. I've put myself out there on the SIC and the terminal forums. I'm just interested in game mechanics I suppose.
You find out game mechanics by learning from other people whether they be PC or NPCs. Technology is 'different' in Withmore, so going to college outside of Withmore doesn't grant your character any knowledge of how to use Withmore technology.
It seems daunting at first to not "know" anything. I made a character that had stuff and education blah blah blah. Came into Withmore and just went along with learning the stuff for the skill eventually. I didn't pretend to know anything beyond what was in the wiki. Examine and look at everything. It'll take you far.
We get this a lot: "My history and the few points I have in a skill because I was given some in character-generation means that my character should know is".

Okay, no, actually, your character is as ignorant as you are. Do not worry about specific game mechanics unless and ntil your character is in a situation where it's time to attempt a certain skill. That might not actually be until after they get a job where the boss can providt that gear and/or mentorship. For freelancers, you might have to find the gear first, and learn what gear to get by roleplaying yoyr character getting the hookup.

If you arrive at that point where you're attempting something, and can't figure out how, that's the time to use OOC means to find out if there's still must IC stuff you and your character still don't know, or if there's something you as a player are overlooking when you "examine" your gear or if there is something missing from an OOC helpfile.

The BGBB isn't ideal for that. The local command, "ooc what am i missing?" if there's an experienced PC in the room, "xgame I can't fighure out how to open my car's hood, what am I missing?" to ask other players on the Game-Help channel, or if really necessary because of a suspected BUG or because of @rule 1F concerns about leaking IC information to other players, then you can consider using the command "xhelp" instead of xgame to reach admins about it.

Game on!

Awesome! thanks! I really appreciate the guidance.