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The 100 Rule
An idea for how to avoid smallworlding

So I was considering an easy way to describe ambient population & how insignificant you are in the dome. I came up with something I call The 100 Rule. That is...

1) Whatever your character is doing right now, 100 other ambient characters are doing as well.

2) If less than 100 ambient characters can do it, it's not something your character can achieve.

This isn't a thing that's official or may even be accurate, and there are plenty of exceptions, but it's how I've learned to explain ambpop.

Some examples:

- You're drinking, conversing, and being a baka at a bar. 100 other people are drinking, conversing, and being a baka in that same bar.

- You're a high-ranking official in your faction. Assume 100 other people are as well.

- There are 12 PC bartenders, entertainers, and bouncers. Assume 1,200 ambient characters are as well.

- You run an underground paper. There are 100 other underground papers vying for attention.

- There are 25 PC dippers in Red Sector. Assume there's an additional 2,500 active dips in Red Sector.

- You're the sole character in a specific job role. Assume that there are likely up to 100 other characters doing the same thing for other companies.

- 100 gangers total roaming the streets among PCs and NPCs means you should assume 10,000 gangers total are roaming the streets.

- Jiminy CEO of Megamart Corp and the gang leader King Snail are positions that only 1 person can fill. It's incredibly unlikely a PC would ever fill that position. You're, at best, capable of being a second-in-command or executive director to a vice president, etc.

- You're trying to start up a small-time gang. There are likely hundreds of ambient people trying to do that as well. Go ahead and give it a shot.

- You want to start a new business. There are hundreds of new businesses all the time. Go for it!

Does this sound about right? Am I way off? Let me know, thanks!

No. PCs and NPCs are characters that stand out, the ambient people aren't as noticeable as you, aren't doing as interesting things as you, etc.
Thank you for that clarification!
If this rule were to be true then most of our heroic and insane achievements pretty much lose their novelty, right?

Oh you just killed ten Judges topside. Meh. A hundred other people did it last week in East Gold.

Oh you just murdered the entire Snakes gang. Meh. A hundred other people did it with the Westside Femboyz.

Oh you just stole a cop car and escaped in it through the Badlands to be chased by a menacing WJF tow AV and a herd of mutant scorpions. Meh. It happens every week on Badlands Raider.

All these things happened in Sindome and some things have never been repeated in months, or years. No ambient character would come close to achieve them. Let's try to stand out and tell stories that stand out.

There's certainly a time and place for this train of thought, but also coupled with PCs standing out amidst the crowd.

If someone's part of a faction, then yes there's certainly more of them than just the ones you can perceive. A lot of people are quick to fall in this line of thought with things like gangs and corps especially with their language. Someone being the "only" member of a gang around, or someone being the "only" PR agent in a company.

That being said, you're supposed to be extraordinary! Go do extraordinary things!

In the end, I personally see PCs as "the middle ground" altogether. PCs aren't run of the mill and they're supposed to stand out, but remember that's also coupled with a degree of humility. We exist in a certain margin and finding that window helps a lot with finding direction in RP.