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its nice

I have just recently played Fallout 3.   Being a die-hard (read almost exclusive) GTA/RE fan Im not easily impressed by video games in general.    Being newly engaged, and newly inhereting random fiance/wife household duties, one of which is to not do stuff she doesn't like, aka play video games also affects my desire to spend valuable time playing games.  

All that said, WOW!!!!!   The first thing I thought once I got into the actual game was sindome badlands.  It's not cyberpunk as defined by hoyle, but it's cyberpunk's little brother or something.   I'm almost never impressed by games, and this is the first one, literally, in years that I've spent days and hours on end playing.   I bought GTA4 the day it came out, and havn't spent the hours on that that I have playing Fallout.  A friend brought it over and made me play it for a hour or two of man time and beer drinking, from then I was hooked.

Bottom line, if you need a good console game, and I know all the mags have said it, but Fallout 3 is worth every penny you could possibly spend on it.  

hellz yeah.

Eating people is fun.

Mister Sandman is much more fun though when dressed as Freddie Krueger.


Do you know sindome is being marketed as having a Fallout-Esque S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat system on Mudconnector?

And that we got the banner ad today, and the top CP mud review? And we're #3 on the toplist!? Cool.

But, I don't know about this SPECIAl thing. It's pretty different...trying to think of how to explain the difference.