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This ain't no Shadowrun . . .
. . . but that doesn't mean no one can believe it is.

When was the last time a PC attended the shrine in central Red? Or the temple? Our character claim a variety of backgrounds which would imply diversity of beliefs, but I see a remarkably high rate of conformism -- normcore -- in all facets of the Dome, including fashion, customs, and attitude. Yet conflict is essential to good fiction.

This is one more of those "just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen" things.

There is a good amount of houdou/voodoo IC, and a variety of nearly supernatural beasts, and various beast worships...there's Eternalism and whatever the other one is called which I always forget...there's near-fanatical obsession with money, or with chrome, with art or with weapons. It's there, and you make it there if you want it to be.

Hey though...guess I should have asked. What made you think these influences weren't around in game?

What is preventing characters from seeing the diversity in religious/fanatical beliefs?

Where did you -expect- to find it, and not see it, thus thinking it wasn't around?

Excuse me but my PC goes to pray regularly at church. :D

Now that I think about it, I have experienced these influences in-game. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations about the openness with which people express these beliefs, to the point where they would become clichés. These might be spurned by precisely those cyberpunk fantasy works that Sindome will never imitate.