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TV shows in 2100

I wonder If Doctor Who is still a thing in 2100...

I respectfully reject this particular line of thinking.

I'm of the opinion we should not be trying to project nostalgia from 85 years ago into the game, we should be actively trying to contribute new, themed content to get excited about, rally around, quote from, and incorporate into the constantly growing set of canon that is Sindome and Withmore City.

They have absolutely supplied us with the tools to do so, and I've noticed that almost no one takes advantage of them, so I'm exploring changing that myself, and I invite you to do the same, and work on creating new, original, themed content instead of trying to recycle pop culture from 85 years ago.

It might be around but there are many more SD pop culture shows and references if you pay attention and look.

Badlands Bruiser with that hot Westen fella, and Red Sector Hysterics, also the news with Brent Spiner and don't forget the daily weather report with Sindy.

Then Johnny Babylon, Juicy V (who is on Mix Lyfe volume I've lost count as well) and so many more.

There are new shows as well.

Like bands and movies and celebrities, create something off the top of your head.

Yes there are! If you want to find out more, ask people who's popular. Read the grid. Become a fan boy / girl. Hell-- make a new grid account and pretend to be a neo-rapper that has a beef with Juicy Vee. Maybe it'll take off and you'll BECOME that neo-rapper. It's literally happened before.

Drive the story. Create the cannon. Become a famous musician!