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What do you do when your RP hits a wall

I'm sure everyone has been there.

Your long term goals are going to take a really really long time and there's nothing you can do to advance them, your skills aren't up to snuff for shorter term tasks, and the short term RP you've been nurturing is blocked. In short, the things long and short term that you were working on, either failed/succeeded or have become irrelevant.

What do you do?

For the first time, I idled with no discernible goal. What do you do to find a new goal, a new task?

Last time my RP truly stagnated, I came up with a new plot, and pushed hard for it, which turned into a rather lengthy little thing that took a while and a fair bit of planning in the end. Point is, if you run out of goals, just come up with a new one. That's how I deal with stuff anyway.

Alternatively, look for plot hooks, try find someone else's shit to jump in on, make new enemies, new allies, new deals and new betrayals. Just never stop really.

I constantly re-invent my character. The key thing to ask when looking for new RP is: what do the characters (and players) around me want, and how can I give it to them? It may be something IC, like a new business or angle you could try, or it may be something OOC, like providing different kinds of RP.

You could also look for mentor figures and emulate or at least try to learn from them. Find someone who has ten thousand schemes going at once, and figure out how you can fit into one of their plots, and learn a thing or two along the way.

Idle and come back next week.

Do something really, really stupid.

Sometimes creating trouble for yourself to solve can be entertaining in its own right if you do it well enough. Candy habits are a good starting approach if you're out of ideas.