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What's in a name?
Time keeps on slipping..

Anyone else out there always get stuck on the name? Full background written out with a clear idea of everything else, yet can NOT pick that perfect name..
When I can't think of anything, I use

Can generate a whole identity too, if you're REALLY stuck.

I find that the character makes the name. The name does not make the character.

You can take blah as all hell name and stick on a character and, if they kick ass in game, the name will become something people respect. And you can take the most edgy, tough or powerful name and stick it on a character that never does anything of note and the name will not gain them even a bit of bonus respect.

So what does this mean? Don't stress a name. Just pick a name that's half decent then have your character make it a name worth remembering. After all, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Or for those more easternly inclined, "The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao, The name that can be named is not the eternal name." :-)

I always pick the name first. This has backfired on me before... I had an entire concept based around a name, then changed my mind while I was going through character generation. Ended up having a name my character never let anyone call her, and went by something else entirely.

It always bothered me hugely, so I feel your pain! To me the name is the most important part of the character. It has to be perfect. I usually pick an ethnicity and start google searching for baby names. And then pick an ethnicity or country and google for surnames until I find one that feels right.

Names are the worst to come up with. I've legit come up with character names based on bad pronunciations of foods or food products. Here's some of my worst.

Jal Appano






Granny Ola

Mère Lough

Taybelle Zalt

Jal Appano :D
I usually come up with a background for my character, then look at names from where they come from and figure out something that fits.
If you're not picking a last name that could make a dope company alias later on, you're fucked.
id just started reading asoiaf and picked the names of two families that i thought sounded cool for the character's first and last

biggest mistake ever

I forgot to add the part where you find a combination of first and last name that is culturally correct but is also a ridiculously trolly reference or pun.
Sometimes for fun, you can base your character's name on something obscure that no one will figure out until later--or ever. A fruit in a foreign language, the name of a place that's out of the way, a play on an idea or phrase, etc.
I just tend to pick whatever sounds nice without caring about the meaning behind it, because my characters tend to go by their alias more anyways, even when they're corporate.
I have this problem in D&D a lot. My favorite worst name is "Thincork Geodude", but a lot of times I just end up cutting two names in half an stitching them together (Gus + Russel = Gussel, Mable + Taylor = Maylor, etc.).

Then otherwise I use Twilight Mirage naming conventions. My favorite good name for a character is Nightlee Haunting for a Star Wars RPG. My current Sindome name is the name of a Masks Character I made. :p

I pick names based on things on my desk or in my direct line of sight. This has been a thing since my very first characters on Sindome.

Parli Ment (Pack of parliment lights)

Seven Ecks (Sever vs Ecks dvd)

Ruby (Ruby Red Grapefruit juice)

Sliver (typo of Silver, for Bicardi Silver bottle, later became Slither when someone renamed me as a joke because my character created the Snakes)

Fengshui (Fengshui Rice Crackers)

Qosmio (brand of my laptop)

damn dude save some for the rest of us lol!
It always cracked me up when Slither's speakers would cause trouble...

I always view the character name as more or less being your brand. If you PC name doesn't have a certain ring to it - it can be hard to be remembered. Name's like Null Void and Killian Rez were particularly effective examples where the cart was in front of the horse. Other times, I have found adopting the names other people provided to be just as effective.

Leverage your name to your character's manifest destiny. Building a decker or media personality with a strong person? Make sure it reflects that. Going to be an anonymous killer? Make your name as forgettable as anything else.