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What's lacking under the dome?

I'm getting a little bored with my fixer build. I don't feel like there's enough "middle" for a middle-man (or -woman). I was kinda thinking of going runner, but it seems like there's already a ton of them. Is there a void of any particular archetypes here? Thanks.
Stuck in an IC rut?

Ask people for input IC. Network IC.

There's plenty of 'middle' for a middleman style characters. However, Fixers are based on gaining a reputation, clientbase, connections, etc... starting a Fixer from the ground up is always going to be difficult, there's no instant solution for that kind of thing.

If that's too much investment for you, maybe your IC friends need someone with a particular skillset that you could fill...?

Also, look into Fixers from the Cyberpunk 2020 game. Fixers aren't just about trading goods. They trade info, favors, act as a go between for various parties, and similar.

There is -plenty- to do, and don't let an archetype get you bogged down either. Want to be a fixer who also happens to like singing? Great! Archetypes just give typical cyberpunk character ideas


This game is nothing like the cyberpunk I've played before (i.e. Shadowrun, 2020, etc.). At least the way we did it, running jobs (courier/hacks/espionage) work was ubiquitous. Also, fixers existed to pull together crews to do heists and separate the customer from the dirty work.

All I've seen so far here is ghetto drama, a crap ton of gangers, and couriers spamming the SIC with promo. My impression is that a direct service (i.e. a courier, a doctor, a chemist) is much more valuable than being the guy that knows a guy. On top of that, you don't really even need charisma/trading to be a good fixer. My fixer's high charisma stat isn't doing her and favors in a game where all interaction is RP. And trading? Why bother? It doesn't lower shop prices, there's no other NPCs to sell to and make a profit and it doesn't have an impact on negotiations with other players (all RP). I've seen it already. Characters with crap charisma (i.e. "ugly" or similar descriptors) having a ton of juice because they RP'd into it. It's like, you might as well make someone that's functionally capable in something, stats on social skills are a waste of ue.

I had though of doing a chemist (or other crafter) at one point, but after working in the factory, I have a funny feeling that amounts to just sitting at a keyboard typing "chemistry" (or something similar) once in a while so the game doesn't think you've gone totally afk. I've also heard around that decking is a little lackluster in terms of gameplay.

I figure a runner gets to explore, but if the market is saturated, then the lack of work would wear thin. I'm not sure what else would be interesting, though, and am looking for suggestions.

There are mechanical advantages to having high charisma.
Sounds like you're doing a lot of thinking and not a lot of playing the game.

My suggestion is you stop thinking about it, never compare us to that Shadowrun trash, and just play your character. Opportunity will find you when you go out to RP. :)

You really haven't scratched the surface.

The only way you'll figure out what interests you is by finding out IC.

Kneller, all the things you said about trading and fixing are incorrect or based on lack of knowledge. Trust me on this one, if you want to be a fixer you need to find someone to learn from ICly or do a LOT of exploring on your own.

You are still a young padawan in the economics of the Dome, stay the path. Alternatively, if you want to jump to another path, be prepared to slowly grind your way up that path as well.

I promise you, though, if you stick with it and learn over time you will find yourself in a position you imagined, on some level. Biggest key is RPing with folks, starting trouble, etc.

JMo is correct. All the paths on Sindome leading to greatness are long and will need you to put effort - be it a Fixer, a cyberneticist, law enforcement, a criminal or a Runner.

Nobody starts off with respect, and you shouldn't expect yourself to start off from the top because you have high charisma. If you're smart and play your cards correctly, you can rise -very- quickly, but that's rare. However, if you spend enough time, you will -surely- get there.

You should just keep trying, play the game, have fun - RP, build relationships while working towards your goal. That's the point of Sindome.

Everything you said Kneller about fixing, and similar, all carries over. You may not be involved with the RP right now that is like that, but it exists.
But what do people even need fixers for? I just typed who on the sic and found muscle, runners, hookers, mechanics, doctors, etc. Anything I need is a SIC message away.

Also, semi-related, the archtype lists Cha and Int as the related stats, but the skills suggested are Trading, Stealth, and Disguise. Wouldn't Cha and Per make more sense? I'm coupling this with the help file stating that Int is for Technical Knowledge and seemingly more academic things, whereas perception helps with both Stealth and Disguise and a general awareness of one's surroundings seems more valuable than knowing how to fix a car.

Play the game.
What would people need fixers for?

Sounds like an excellent thing to figure out ingame.