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What's Southeast Asia like?

Regarding the global 2102 map.

I notice there's very few cities in SEA. Is South Korea still "together?" Has Tagalog replaced virtually every language (I know it's for OOC simplicity, but asking about the IC world)?

That whole chunk of SEA is completely fucked up by war and flooding. I'm sure you can assume people are still living anywhere there isn't a hot zone, but I think the intended theme is that the vast majority of the population has relocated to either the Osaka/Neo Tokyo megasprawl or the Hong Kong one.

The world outside of Withmore is hardly talked about and largely speculative. Much of the current in-game universe has been perpetuated by characters RPing there histories and it spreading by word of mouth.

Don't be afraid to come up with a little bit of crazy and toss it into your history. Your PC's favorite band, childhood cult upbringing, and other historical entries can become dogma before you know it. Just make sure that @history gets approved. ;-)

Regarding languages, Johnny summs it up nicely here: