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@options encrypted
"Wait, we can see other people's keys?"

Hi! It has come to my attention that many new players from the past few months have literally no idea that it is possible to see encrypted SIC messages for the keys they do not have. One even thought that an expensive item was necessary to see what is, essentially, freedata.

These players are missing out on a valuable tool that contributes positively to the intrigue and social aspects of SD. They have no idea that this option even -exists-, and if they did get a notification about it, it was probably within the first week of their time in Withmore when new immies are bombarded with plenty of other @options and requirements to focus on.

This leads me to my proposal – that encrypted SIC messages be turned on by default, and if people don't like having that info on their screen, they can turn it off manually in @options. In a game where data is everything, and where keys can convey invaluable information about alliances, friendships and loyalties, it makes no sense for this freedata flow to be turned off just because the encryptions might look confusing to immies at first sight.

I agree with this take and expressed this when it was introduced. It should be on when new characters are created and the option to turn it off given to them on the game tips channel. Not the other way around or you're going to have people coming in not knowing they exist or thinking there isn't player activity because the public part of sic may be quiet but the encryptions aren't.

The explanation was that it was too scrolly for new players coming in and a lot of senseless data for them, but IMO it's an integral aspects of the game and if we were worried about scroll happening then a current topside employer's encryption which is automated is adding 3-8 lines per five minutes.

Let the immies see the activity with the option to turn it off, please. If we're concerned about their confusion about the sic or the scroll, we can make an IC sign right near the gate to explain it.

Another possibility would be to make it an IC command like 'ci' etc, rather than the OOC notion of @options. Then greeters and other knowledgeable, helpful characters would feel empowered to explain this to new arrivals in an in-character way.
I think I entered withmore with keys on by default? Then again I don't exactly remember what happened that day. But it would be good if it were an IC thing that your chip reminds you about, maybe in the chelp command. Have it tell you that you have the filter for keys on or off.
Oh, and while at it, maybe add a version for people with screen readers that replaces encrypted noise with something like *encrypted noise*. That way they also get access to that data.
Yes, please. Turning off encrypted SIC is cutting yourself off from so much data, and because it is an OOC rather than an IC choice it is hard to have that explained to a new player. Things that further put new players at a competitive disadvantage should be avoided -- there are already so many ways in which OOC experience with the game gives you a leg up.

I also think that making the decision an IC one pushes it into RP, which is good.

Rhicora's idea is brilliant. If it's an IC command then people can talk about it.
I think a truly new immy will just be confused by it. I remember enabling it during my time in the coffins, when I was playing around with the options and disabling it again almost immediately because I couldn't make heads or tails of it.

I started to listen in on it after reading about it here, but even now, a few weeks in, most of the time I just see aliases that I can't match to anyone and a lot of NPCs (?). I tend to turn it off whenever RP or SIC gets busy, because it adds a ton of scroll. Adding a simple IC command for that would be great, but can't you talk about it ICly either way?

Greeter says in a deep, husky voice: "Don't tune out the encrypted keys, chum. You'll learn a lot about which baka talks with which."

[OOC: Greeter says: "@options encrypted"]