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Alcohol Tolerance
30 bottles of beer on the wall and counting.

For anyone that's invested in the right stats you might have noticed your alcohol tolorence getting to superhuman levels, like you should be dead 10x over. I feel like these numbers should be reduced a lot to be a bit more realistic. It would be nice for an alcoholic to actually be able to get drunk.

I feel like if you tweaked the numbers to target people with extreme {REDACTED} then you would in turn cause the majority who are not in that group to die of alcohol poisoning after drinking a beer.

Perhaps the solution is to just RP getting drunk?

I know that I RP being drunk plenty. It can be useful in a variety of way. For one, it's fun and enhances things when your character really is drunk. For two, you can RP being drunk even when your character is far from drunk - a kind of IC tactic (your character pretending or exaggerating). Another fun IC tactic is to become known as a light weight when it comes to drinking so you can pass off stupid decisions on having had one too many (for some reason 'I was drunk' is a commonly accepted excuse).

Have fun with it!

In response to Grizzly I'm not saying to make it a lot more punishing for characters with low stats in that area, I'm talking about adjusting the scaling. I'm not sure how it's written in code but the growth rate could be decayed. I'm trying to recall but I think the general rate found in things like level scaling is x^1/3, been a few years since I took my game balance class. Might be worth playing with.

I've simply capped the max tolerance at 250, versus 5000. 250, is like 10 drinks of the strong stuff. I don't care how bad ass you are, unless you've got cyber filtering that shit out (which does exist ICly) you are getting drunk off 10 very stiff drinks from now on.