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Alternate key for chrome abilities
Mobile client doesn't like forward slash

So, this might exist already? But I've run into a problem as someone who plays on mobile a not insignificant amount of time.

Blowtorch, the most popular mobile client, and maybe other ones too, doesn't like the use of forward slashes.

So, the problem is, some chrome can be toggled like /activate or whatever, but on my mobile client you can't do this, it just gives an error.

So it'd be nice if there was an alternate way to use abilities given to you by chrome like @activate or something.

Weirdly specific problem but it's bugged me for a while and I've seen no way to fix it on my end without changing apps.

I believe you can double-escape those commands (//activate) but I might be misremembering the syntax.
For a temporary workaround, make manual @macros that fire the commands for you through the ~ character instead of /.