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APPEAR breaks pose

(Sorry for the possible double post. I swear I posted this already but I can't find it.)

When using any of the APPEAR options, pose does not work properly.


Without APPEAR....

".nod to Joe." comes out as "Character nodS to Joe." (with an S)


".nod to Joe." comes out as "Character nod to Joe." (without an S)

This is a HUGE give away that the character you are roleplaying with has modified their appearance some how.

It is also a huge ask of the player base to expect us to adjust our poses sometimes, and not adjust our poses other times.

Please put some priority on updating the POSE code to work the same with and without APPEAR options.

(This wouldn't be such a big deal if so much emphasis wasn't placed on tricking people OOCly as well as ICly with disguises. Given the emphasis on OOC deceit, we absolutely need to get rid of this major giveaway.)



Does this happen when the person appears with male or female shortdescs, or ONLY with neuter shortdescs?

I'm pretty sure that it's happening when the person has a neuter shortdesc, because it was changed to make the verb agree with "they" - which isn't right when the full name is being spelled out, but would be right with the singular-they pronoun.

If this is the case, then, observers are already aware that the person is altering their appearance, because that's the only way neuter shortdescs can be achieved.


That is an excellent observation.

Pose works fine with male / female shortdescs.

Pose DOES NOT work with neutral shortdescs.

Whether that is a bug or a feature seems to be up for discussion. (I'm going with bug. This is basic grammar that has nothing to do with the presenting gender of a character.)

This is probably a consequence of a fix for neutral pronouns.

Correct usage would account for whether the word follows a pronoun or not, instead of just checking what the pronoun is set to.

"Jo Baka takes a sip of their drink."

"Joe Baka takes a sip of his drink."

"Jo Baka blinks a couple times before they take another sip."

"Joe Baka blinks a couple times before he takes another sip."


That's a good point. "They" is plural, so "They sip (no S) the drink." is correct.

That's a real challenge. How do you handle a situation where people want to incorrectly use the language by referring to themselves as a plurality?

Unless I am missing something, it's not that complicated.

%N is just getting conjugated as non-gendered implied plural, where only %S should be.

Not getting conjugated sorry, agreeing.
Has anyone @bugged this?

I xhelped through this with Dreamer the day Appear rolled out and he said he'd rally the code wizards so it's on the to-do list.
On the one hand, good catch to debug a new feature.

On the other hand, it concerns me to think that players would pay such close attention to the syntax of a desc, trying to spot disguised / altered appearance characters. And that if they didn't before, they now know to because of this forum post. Seems like a good a way to really take the fun out of a new feature. But, then again, I also don't pay a ton of attention to many other game mechanics.

I suspect certain playstyle community members will find this a more major issue than others! Putting this here to help anybody else who might feel the same way & say you're not alone / you don't have to play in a way that actively looks for this exploit (or other ones you may come across in any forum). The mystery of the game is part of its appeal.

Well, it's been fixed, by the elimination of "singular they" pronouns in favor of ze/zir.