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Corpse Cloning & Chrome
Can we review it and maybe make some changes?

So right now, if you corpse clone someone they wind up getting all their cyberware blasted out of them in the process of having their previous sleeve partially reconstructed. There's already some pretty nasty penalties baked into the corpse clone process (it's expensive, it's logistically difficult, it applies mechanical penalties to your character that can occasionally be pretty severe.)

Can we maybe revisit the part where your cyberware & nanogenic mutations get wiped clean? Speaking from personal experience, getting corpsed is often more punishing than just vatting out. With a vat, and depending on how connected you are, there's a decent chance you can at the least, ransom your corpse and chrome back for a reasonable cost from your killer(s). Alternatively, your NPC faction might have secured it -for- you, so that your doctor can re-install your very expensive cryo wares.

It's my understanding that now we have chrome degradation in the game, and dedicated careers in place to fixing and tuning up both new and used cyberware. Could we perhaps allow corpse cloned people to retain their wares in their sleeve, but apply diceroll damage to the ware for having gone through the trauma leading up to the death, then the reconstitution?

I'm just saying, that corpsing someone should feel like an act from a guardian angel, and not a double-fist punch to your character's wallet. And if it is a punch to the wallet, there's ways we could be pushing the economy into new careers through 'death taxes' rather than just having to go and purchase brand new stuff because it quite literally got deleted.

Please discuss.

I would be down for corpse cloning making all cyberware damaged and switched off. A cybernetic technician would be required to repair it and restart it, so I think that would drive roleplay and biz to techs. Caveat: if the corpse was ripped before revival, then the corpse-clone should be missing the ware completely as described above.
I like this idea on so many levels. The only thing I would modify is to remove the nanos. Chrome stays with the body and it makes sense that it would survive, with damage, a corpse close. Nanos should be lost in the vat due to their nature.

There are multiple checks and balances already built into it.

The opponents of someone with a bunch of chrome will more than likely know that the person they just killed has the chrome. They are already incentivized to rip the chrome or otherwise disappear the body.

This creates roleplay and opportunities for techs.

This mitigates some hesitation to get chrome. Granted, the odds of getting corpse cloned are slim. But knowing that they are there does reduce some of the risk of losing everything.

Corpse cloning doesn't reconstruct the dead sleeve, it builds a new sleeve just like regular cloning but with a quasi-updated memory map that excludes the previous 1-24 hours.
...unless this changed at some point, but that was how it used to be described anyway.

If the sleeve is restored it wouldn't really make any sense to lose nanos and chrome, or even clothes. If it's entirely new spun from a corpse scan, doesn't seem to make sense anything would be preserved.

I am interested to see the "official" description of what happened.

I have been operating under the assumption that it rebuilds what is there, infusing new material where necessary. Sort of like the bacta tanks in Star Wars.

The penalties associated with it lead me to think it's a rebuild / repair, as opposed to a new sleeve.

Slither's video on the subject describes the corpse being brain scanned and a clone being created from that. Which jives with what is also described in help cloning and also the mechanical feedback I remember.

Which makes sense, if it was a healing process there wouldn't really be any cloning involved.

Corpse Cloning is meant as a sucky option for those without a clone recorded, fundamentally speaking. If your clone record is old, it might be the better option to losing all your memories though. The contents of the recombination tank are vaporized before your new clone is built from the data harvested from your remains. This is very similar to the scene from 5th Element.
Ohhhh. I gotchu. It's been a bit since I've been corpsed, but I remember reading that rotted parts of your corpse were ablated away with lasers or something, so I assumed what was able to be salvaged, was. Makes sense if it was going like, 3D printer style Ala 5th Element, as you said Johnny.