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Courier Lockout Timer
Why not a daily reset instead?

A continual thorn in my side has been the way the per character timer lockouts work on the daily allotment of courier assignments: It requires so many extra hoops as far as planning out when you log in and do them each given day of a week, makes daily scheduling kind of a nightmare if you get thrown off a convenient window one day and have to move your whole schedule the next day, and just generally seems more complicated and unnecessary than just having them reset for everyone every day at midnight.

I presume this system was implemented for players that would be doing deliveries at the roll-over time everyday and getting less allotments as a result, but the current system really seems like it causes more issues than it solves.

Also the way the system works it almost by-design creates a drift in the window for doing those jobs, getting later each day, sometimes becoming inconvenient or impossible.

If not a daily reset perhaps something like the timer being cut by several hours would mitigate this, and let it be more flexible. It's not like the total amount anyone can earn isn't fixed anyway, it's just a matter of how much time you have to dedicate to actually doing it, instead of RPing, that would change.

We are aware of this, it is by design. Thank you.
The following is the 3rd of 7 General Rules in How To BGBB, which is linked from the post window.

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