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delivery problem

 Store clerks should really empty their hands on their own when you try to hand them a delivery crate... it's kinda frustrating to lose out on the chyen, as little as it is, because they're too dumb to drop what they're holding and accept the delivery.

Eh, if you see that problem, just xhelp and we'll get them to free their hands.

yeah, I tried.. and you guys are usually good about fixing stuff like that on the fly, but that only works if someone's around and available. This isn't a complaint about you guys at all, but yer not always on, and when you are yer not always free to help. I understand that though, but it still sucks to lose out on the pay for work that I can't complete due to an npc's inability to free their own hands. it doesn't happen often though so , just a minor bitch at most.

You could always do some super Kung Fu and disarm them. They won't mind!

Hehe, I actually devised my own little method for resolving this issue.  Grab item out of their hands, flee, return, give package, get payed, give taken item back.  Just make sure you -can- flee.

How hard would it be to code something so that when someone tries to hand them something they auto 'freehands'?