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Dogs in the park

Why is it that these things attack you, KO you, then when you wake up attack you again, pretty much guarenteeing that you are going to die no matter what unless you have oldbie stats?

What is the purpose to these dogs other then keeping noobs out of the park?

WHYCOME? Gah. I just lost a character to these damn things.

Between the few characters I've played, I believe all of them have visited the park and none of them have gotten attacked by the dogs.
Are you sure you didn't do something to piss them off? Like.. hit 'em? Or take away their human limb snack?
They, like sewer rats, attack you on sight now.

I happened to be in an un-named store with un-named other npc types and a dog attacked me so they all automatically gang-banged me.

This was the second time, too.

Jman had a post on this... Urked me too, cuase I wasn't a good enough fighter to actually just KO... I died... Alot.... and in the process lost over 50 thousand chy (total). So... suck it up.

Cuz, thats what I had to do. (spitters are quitters, so make sure you swalllow kthxbye.)

The park is supposed to be a dangerous place...
Yeah, you have to think of them as rabid dogs, or wolves, Iif anything I think they should kill you, not KO you.

Bottom Line: The Park is dangerous, don't go in there with anything you're not willing to lose.

Definitely...park is a baaaad place
Quote: from Xeethot on 2:46 pm on May 26, 2008[br]The park is supposed to be a dangerous place...

I agree, but it's buggy too.

Reference Bugs 2768 and 2777
('@vb 2768' / '@vb 2777' from inside the moo.)

Please Fix.