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Filth and Fighting

I feel like, after a fight, you get way too goddamn filthy. I've been in plenty of fights irl in my youth, and, sure, you get dirty, but imo, you shouldn't be vomiting after smelling yourself after being in one fight, that's kinda silly. Seems like it could get toned down a little bit, so it's not 0-100 at all times.
The style of fighting you are doing changes how dirty you get, as well as how much you are hit and how long the fight goes on for. Tumbling around in the urban wasteland of Red is going to get you absolutely filthy in no time.
I have to agree with OP.

I've seen brief 'sparring' type fights in clean environments just with bare hands result in "ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTINGLY FILTHY" after less than a minute.

The appropriate stat mitigates this. If you don't have it, your PC's hygiene will suffer for it.