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Game Unplayable
Extreme latency/delayed command response/commands missed

As of this morning, the game has become completely unplayable for me. It is non-responsive to commands, either having such a high latency that the output in response to commands comes out piecemeal over minutes, sometimes out of order (the advantages/disadvantages portion of @stats came on screen before the actual stats and skills) or the commands are never registered at all. The @quit command instantly disconnects; it is only commands which would trigger new information within the game window that are severely delayed, so I would presume this is not a connection issue on my end, but a problem in processing the commands and returning output on the server side.

I am connecting via the web client in the FireFox browser.

Since my initial post, i have tested this on different browsers, different computers, and even different internet connections (my primary home connection vs. cellular hotspot). Game performance remains the same under all conditions.
You're not the only one... trying to play on my mobile client yields the same results.
Nice to know it's not just me at least.

Is anyone playing without any problems at all?

MirageGM OOCly shouts, "We are experiencing lag right now due to some coded system malfunctioning on the MOO, it is not just you."

In the future, is there somewhere on these boards where these sorts of announcements can be found? Otherwise it seems that only those who happen to be in game when they are made will see them, and anyone logging in afterwards will miss it and start pestering people with questions.

The Anything forum typically, if there are staff around to handle it.