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Hearing foreign languages
Should be available all the time

I could be off-base about this, but I believe currently, when you hear foreign languages, your character is able to tell what that language 'sounds' like without having to pass a skill check- it's just common knowledge that Japanese sounds like Japanese, Spanish sounds like Spanish, etc.

However, these language recognition prompts only pop up every X unit of time, the first time you hear someone speak that language. I'd like to ask that we are always given the language ID prompt whenever our character fails a certain (bulk) percentage of not understanding what's said. Otherwise, to show it anytime a non-English language is being spoken.

It comes up when @voice comes up. I think this is equivalent to asking for @voice more frequently, possibly even on demand in some way.

>>speaking Bob

>> Bob *speaks English, with a goaty Ninja accent*

Personally, I like how infrequently the @voice refreshes.

I'd almost campaign for the message to become "speaking a foreign language" instead of identifying the language immediately. Only when you've leveled up that language once or pass a reasonably high knowledge check can you identify the language being spoken.

The dome is a giant melting pot with tons of languages. Just because there are only 8 coded languages doesn't mean there aren't dozens more.