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Increase kitchenette supply consumption
The supplies last too long

In the ~4 years I have been playing here, I can remember having to restock a kitchenette one or two times.

My character's current kitchenette has been "nearly out of supplies" for literal months at this point.

This should be adjusted.

It seems like the ~1Kc worth of bar supplies used to stock a kitchenette is way out of wack with what a similar amount of street food from a vendor would cost. Either vendor food should be way less expensive, or kitchenette meals should consume supplies at a much faster rate.

I agree with this, and have felt the same as well, Hek. I think I've restocked a kitchen maybe twice in the past five or so years, and I am typically not one of the people that moves apartments regularly, or changes the menu - sometimes ever.

The only time I had issues with running out of supplies was when I was running a food stall vendor business out of my kitchen and even then, the return ratio was pretty nuts if you can convince people to buy food.

I know how there's a reluctance to pull toys away once they're fairly established, but I think the 'grandfathering in all mix menus' could use a change. Make bar supplies for actual bars and restaurants, and make people go to actual grocery stores and not liquor stores to get... groceries. There's a bunch of cool, themely, appropriately shitty mixer food in the grocery they have access to, and a bunch of nice stuff that should befit someone of higher status in the corporate-restricted grocery store. Instead we hear about mixer steak tartar, caviar buffets, eclairs and milkshakes and they're not euphemisms for rat, dog, or paste. It's a huge disconnect, it should take wheeling and dealing and shady deals with corporates to get a bag of supplies of the 'good stuff.'

I'm a fan of forced interdependence, and the skill system, and most job systems are designed that way purposefully. I just wish there wasn't glaringly obvious outliers scattered around the dome's various systems. If mixers want to have glorious, real food, then literally make them go to people who can get it, get money and favors moving and generate RP with every chance you can. I honestly only think it will benefit the game long-term.