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Cabinets only a prodigy can uninstall

Hi. This is just a complainy little post about furniture installation. The difficulty of un-installing something is gated behind the skill of whoever installed it, so if one particular PC invested years in the relevant skill, they can effectively bolt down anything and everything in the game near-permanently.

I posit that there should be different levels of ease to uninstall things, maybe based on the item's cost or value, so one single prodigy can't make items impossible to remove even years after they leave the city.

There are still some legacy items left in apartments that were auto-installed by furniture stores prior to the change slither made either earlier this year or last year.

But also I think you should post an idea to suggest a slow decay of installation score based on whether the character is permanently gone (the bit has been erased) or if they haven't logged into the game for x amount of time (talking likely months here).

Some furniture will require a service request to uninstall (you still need to do the relevant RP with appropriate tools and some relevant ability). There is also sometime furniture that is baked into some pads that is not intended for removal without a builder signing off on it.