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Lower quality foods have higher priority
Lower overwrites Higher

Not sure how many people have noticed this, but there is an annoying little mechanic that effectively means if you eat one of the higher quality foods in the game, you cannot eat anything of lesser quality or you will lose the benefits of the higher grade food immediately, and will not get them back until the lower grade wears off.

It basically works like this:

Eat high grade good -> Max benefits -> eat lesser grade food -> benefits lowered or eliminated -> eat high grade food again -> retain effects of lower grade food until the duration of that effect wears off, at which point you'll have whatever time you waited in between consuming the lower grade and the higher grade to enjoy the max benefits.


Eat lower grade food -> nothing short of divine intervention is going to save you.

This isn't exactly a glaring problem, but when you go out of your way to obtain certain food for the express purpose of its benefits, and then want to consume something socially, and get slogged, it's really annoying.

Am I the only one bothered by this?

Talon made a strong point during the Mix is a Slum discussion:

There's a very good mechanical reason why a mixer wants to eat steak tartar and wash it down with some kombucha versus gobbling down Tony's pizza.

Until that gets addressed, I'm going to continue to treat it like it's a life or death decision making process, because it quite literally is.

While some foods being better than others makes sense in isolation, it does end up quite gamey and unthematic when players have a strong incentive to play for effect rather than playing to theme. I think we'd probably see characters eating contextually appropriate food and drink more often if they were all equal in effect.